Coats for Women 2016

These shelters for women 2016 are only a small preview of what will be the fashion for the winter of next year. These models of shelters have a style quite elegant and feminine, so they are special for modern women who like to be always in fashion.

Generally thought to wear a wrap all the sensuality that every woman has will be hidden, but the truth is that with these sophisticated designs of shelters you can not only look with lots of sensuality, but you can also look with a completely elegant, modern style.

So to keep you in fashion in next winter, these beautiful coats are a good choice for you. You only need to know some details to choose the best.

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How to Prevent T-Shirt Shrinking

Would you have guessed that the treatment agent for laundry shrunk t-shirt is still possible to restore the correct size? Try this inventive tips of wholesaleably.

The website helps you get a tip inventive washing fall in t-shirt form again. Conditioner for hair washing in fact, can still save favorite apparel, as it softens the fibers, allowing you to gently stretch the garment back into shape.

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Pregnancy Dresses Models Tube Short and Long

Women often do not know what they really want when they want to buy some clothes. However, dresses are always welcome and should be part of all female guard clothes there. They leave the most charming women, most elegant, most beautiful and also help to hide defects and to appreciate the good things that women have.

One of the models of dresses that long ago entered the fashion world is the little tube. Known among women, adored by thin and tall women, detested by the chubby and responsible for holding the attention of men, the little tube, is here to stay and since then never left. Here’s a bit more about the little tube so controversial.

The Dress Tube

For the uninitiated, the little tube that is dressed in length to the knee, usually in the middle of the thigh.

The trademark is that it is glued to the body, in some cases it is more fair to other more soltinhos, but not so loose as to be loose. Still speaking of the trademark, the little tube usually ‘engage’ the woman’s body, that is, it shapes the female body, leaving the body more beautiful and sensual.

The little tube dress is a piece that must exist in almost every wardrobe, it is still considered a part wildcard, because depending on the color, fabric and style can be used both day and night. Just changing the accessories, such as shoes, handbag and jewelry and will have a completely different look with the same piece of clothing.

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Snakeskin Fashion Trend 2016

The sets of animal prints should not say goodbye so soon. At least the pattern of python (cobra) is the bet of the main brands out there that paraded their resort collections, and by 2016 we’ve seen, many snakes will continue circling around in various reinterpretations.

Designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Lanvin and Stella McCartney showed the world their resort collections, 2016 and they believe the pattern of python will rule the world.

Diane Von Furstenberg showed a brash parade, and bet on mixture of snakes on different colors, and all in one look only. Seven-eighths coat, silk shirt and skirt of straight cut were some of the items that follow the trend.

Already the most famous daughter of Paul, Stella McCartney, showed a collection in the best sport chic style, as was to be expected, presenting his version of snake in an elegant shade of ochre and even for the rose.

And it’s not just the clothes that will be imitating the snake skin, these animal prints came to toe in deluxe version. The Marios Schwab show and the Python, the clothes are in maxi version, almost to the knee, which are quite bold.

Already the Lanvin decided to bet on colorful snakes, mixing blue, red and green. How exquisite and luxurious!


Fashion T Shirts for the Whole Family

Daddies, mommies, chicks, aunties … get ready because today our post is about the whole family! You’ve noticed how the trend of children’s clothes inspired by adult fashion is becoming increasingly strong and gradually comes conquering all generations? Many brands have manufacture clothes identical, or similar, often in adult and child sizes. So, mothers, fathers and sons can wear in the same look, making the greater grace and standing out wherever you go! Among women, the mother-daughter relationship that was previously only share the same times, today is also to share the same tastes in fashion. Currently there is a large number of super moms bonded to the fashion universe and question their small also follow it. Whether in the outfit, in colors or prints, the fact is that the trend “like mother, like daughter” is a charm and has become popular even among the famous! And we are taking advantage of this wave, which the partners Jaqueline Mathur and Joelma Bajrami pitched everything on MINI MINI ME, a brand that brings together fashion t-shirts for the whole family!

The MINI MINI ME existed for only 1 month, but is already making a big hit throughout the Brazil. The brand is in Campo Grande (MS) and came up with the idea of creating a company entirely directed to fashion “mom and baby”. Jaqueline and Joelma also own the “Factory of Dreams”, a children’s parties that are in the market for this 2011. Was working directly with this public that they observed that the market for clothes “like mother/father, like daughter” was scarce and demand was growing. The goal is to get the products MINI MINI ME are always rotating and not an eventual purchase, so the brand offers an affordable price (mother-daughter sets from R$ 89.00) and is always updating their models, with new ideas and different prints. T-shirts of MINI MINI ME can be purchased over the Internet.

New Year Party Dresses Winter

End of year is synonymous with refreshment. Guys won’t miss any events to shine! As you know, end of year is always that uproar: everyone (or rather, all women!) gets out desperately looking for clothes for use in mainly graduations and weddings, bashes. If you have an item in the closet that is synonymous with luxury, power and glamour, is surely the party dress. May be it is a long or short dress, full of glitter and precious stones, or simply worked into the fabric. But woman still need jewel to match her clothes. Isn’t it true girls?! So fasten your seat belts, they’re off in search of the “perfect dress” and today we share with you the mega production flashes. Get your eyes focus on the post which will reflect brightness to all sides!

For who doesn’t know, our online shop is specializing in party dresses, filled with wonderful looks for graduations, weddings, or any glamorous event, meeting all tastes and styles. There are the options for guests and even for brides! There is a dream! Warning: for the vintage girls, fashionistas who love all the very best, there you will find the bells brands Patricia Bonaldi and religious art, with outfits ripped sighs. It is worth noting that now the store also features an exclusive space for the sale of clutches. The online shopping was created to make life easier for those looking for beautiful accessories to complement the look. As we always talked about: the luxury, the power and the glory.