Swimwear H&M Review

H & M finally offers us images of its new advertising campaign dedicated to the line of swimwear for next summer and staying even at the first shots, it seems that the Swedish brand economic fashion has every intention to conquer!Maybe the real purpose of the brand is also reminding us that can do a great job regardless of collaborations with high-sounding names, for charity, have resulted in really wonderful lines, but as you can see, even on its own H & M gets along, no? Let’s take a look at the new collection!

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How to Match Leggings

The leggings are just a few fine, especially if misused! The fashion tips for wearing leggings without having style!

The leggings are one of the most practical garments ever but also the most dangerous! They look good and also to those who might wear them without any risk often fall into the most common mistake of all: consider them pants!

To be certain to wear leggings without losing immediately the first style and elegance and inviolable rule to follow is to not wear them ever, for any reason, alone! If you follow religious dedication this law, you’re unquestionably far more trash and sloppy style.

Combine them with a skirt but forget the miniskirt: opt instead for a few centimeters of fabric and the result will be much more elegant.

The soft wool sweater and long to appear a dress must be combined with leggings but attention also in this case the lengths: If the pullover comes barely to cover her butt, match it jeans or skinny pants.

The shorts can also be used in winter when combined with leggings! Remember also that there are only black leggings: played with colors and fabrics to create new combinations.

Avoid wearing sneakers or any other athletic shoe or you risk seem hardly out of the gym: according to emilyleggings, better match them to the pumps which also help to slim the leg that the leggings cut!