“The Denim Revolution” – Or: The Diesel Award 2013

Why young designers are so refreshingly great? Because they impress us with their experimental approach, artistic prove her and her free amazes us continually to radical handling of materials. Often, this Whaow effect, the own handwriting and this certain unconcern missing us at the big shows. Certainly it’s going to in the Modebiz’s sale and portability – but the one or the other show-piece may, supplied every now and again like also to underline the artistic touch of the value-added, or? Fashion is art and means of expression at the same time and this was celebrated pretty impressive weekend in Trieste with ITS talent contest 2013. Continue reading

Outfit / / The Wizard Of OZ

As the team of ebay fashion and acne of productions recently visited me soon to oratory a small “wardrobe tales” to turn the video into my home because you asked me also to my favorite places in the neighbourhood around the rectangle. For one, the Filterhouse would there probably to name a few, a charming Cafe run by two friends, which becomes the bar as soon as the sun goes down. And the Lakritzladen Kado, from the I crammed with Salmiak candy with chocolate home drag in a weekly huge paper bags.

Inspired by childhood memories, filter coffee and a tonne of sugar I chose this day even a thematically quite matching outfit – including Glitterschuhen on the feet, such, as Dorothy she at that time wore (you know: “the wizard of Oz”). More I must not say to my mental Constitution with regard to probably dose sparkling belly Pinsler you know long ago. Continue reading

GQ “Men Of The Year 2015” Awards

Last night I followed an invitation from lion to me awarding the GQ „ men of the year 2015 “ to see awards up close, so a comic opera replete with neat people such as Daniel Bruhl, Mads Mikkelsen or the French Isabel Huppert I wanted to missed despite Dresscode panic and high massing hacking horror then but not. Sometimes it’s worth is quite tame to vote the inner pig dog with a treat, in my case, it was even a gilt betupftes, because when else can you throw here so in shell? The occasion was so so cheap that I had even stiletto-premiere at the end. Was by the way not so bad in my coat pockets I had stashed away that flat shoes for the real thing in wise foresight, the train-flat mass were used after two hours on the dance floor. What I am talking about I at all, two hours! My personal record, the spice girls have probably yours to do. Thanks DJ. Continue reading

Try Closed Archives 85

If a love story is also a personal story, then you should sometimes close eyes and ears and just do what the heart says. The German label CLOSED was, is and will be the perfect, high cut, karottigsten jeans trousers of all time always to our closest allies looking after, about hundred other bloggers with their very own vision of the perfect archive change 85 look nothing. On the contrary: during the last weeks we have and as inspiration can collect, at the end we did but either way: this special collection, which quite accurately deserves the Trata, with which it is celebrated just will move into our wardrobes. Mama made hats long before: the pedal pusher is unbeatable – on the very first outfit post here on Jane Wayne I wore her 15-year-old Brown velvet model, recently I found even at home a second black sweetie, that went straight into my possessions. Why we are closed so faithful, can be but not just explained by the rather distinctive cuts but rather it is the total package behind the family-owned company and not to pay for it with money is something, namely the philosophy behind all this. Continue reading

3 Ways To Wear The Alberta Ferretti Collar From Farfetch

I’m not a man of many basics, what is horrible, because what good ten extraordinary Eyecatcher bucks if you have in store at the end but no combination options. What I also not very well know, is the art of well portioned accessories; my fingers dangle always the same rings with history, I wear chains only in exceptional cases and everything else comes me often out of place, at least to me. Just with silk scarves and collar creations I could eventually befriend me, looking after a tip (!) What inspired me to do this, All-round talent to go. Find it I was quite fast at Alberta Ferretti, or better Farfetch, there that slumbered above train flat way not extra cheap Darlin selig to himself, until I lucky after all the „ 3-ways-to-wear “ call of the online Sammelsoriums all world best stores could follow. I caught to have of course and since then I sanzgiri me in the experiment delusion of different wearing options. I’ve cut off today fixed three slightly different for you, I find that quite fit as a romantic companion to everything. Continue reading

When The Scented Candles Girl Met The Diptyque Fig Tree

Turn the Smiths on my turntable in the district “There is a light that never goes out”. “We want to see that even”, I think, while I finished on the first scented candle of my life. Scented candles were in truth be told so far in penultimate place of things I wanted to write about urgent times, ignorant, that I had inhaled so far apparently only the 50s Pack tea lights by the furniture of Sweden, the optional stinking after Strawberry aroma, cinnamon or vanilla but artificial. Usually, the scented candle mist directly into headaches went over and pestiferous my good old fresh air. Burnt money, pha pha. So even in the serious, what should this candle Theatre? Continue reading

Everyday Saver: Invisibobble Or: Hair Heroes In Pink

Sometimes there are teeny-tiny things that make the world a little bit better and sometimes it needs to be force to his happiness. A sleepover after a dancing party night with a friend led to shaggy hair the next morning: “you’re a hair tie?” I asked her and she squeezed me a pale pink transparent, gezwirbeltes in plastic Ribbon in your hand. “Urgh, how UH manners” I pulled up the nose. Reminds me somehow of this fleece hair ties from the 00ern or on bra’s with “transparent” rubber straps. Then I looked down but to me, kopfabwarts to the rest of the connection and decided – “it’s Sunday, who cares?” Immediately deployed the rubber equal times its entire magic.

Know the girl who has long been the Invisibobble, I need to tell you anything more, who know what’s going here. So much in advance: He found me and since then we are inseparable friends – and why? Therefore: Continue reading

When Is Cosmetics Vegan?

A vegan life for most at least, means that you banned in particular animal products from his diet. Veganism is but also a mindset for me, and I make no distinction between animal ingredients on my bread and butter, or in my face cream.

I would venture to say, that one or other of you with their body lotions or perfumes would consider entirely different eyes, if they knew which animal substances are behind the a or hide other complicated term in the summary. There’s also supposedly harmless substances such as beeswax or milk constituents, but then again the amniotic fluid of mammals or animal nerve tissues. This should not be a script for the next horror flicks, but on those knowledge base, which would like to rely on herbal and synthetic cosmetics. If a cosmetic product is vegan, can answer following questions: Continue reading

Tom Ford Boys & Lips II – the Country Needs 25 New Men

As smart but this Tom Ford once again was when he shook the thing with the lipsticks named after man’s names out of the sleeve. Once he ran 25 of his boys on the lips of the female world and now he throws the next round. Tom Ford Boys & lips II – mega men for all, so to speak. 25 more top coloured boys in a mini format handbags are of, which were named after male persons who crossed the path of the Couturier and influenced him. We are most speculate. This time with, inter alia: the Jew (law?), the Eddie, the Roman (Polanski?), Ansel (xoxo), the Roberto (which of course blank) or the Drake – MOMENT, DRAKE?

Yes exactly, also Mister hotline bling with a bling bling Sergio sound in the Hall of Fame made it and may be classified into the sexy lipstick gang. He could go to even buy it, actually now: do we imagine that times just community, how the Drake in the kadewe department store or Operpollinger pure dancing, of the Tom Ford counter apply the “DRAKE” can be and are on high-quality ingredients soya bean extract, Brazilian Murumuru butter or Chamomile flower oil informed – awww, the type can be simply not sweet or? Continue reading

Advent Calendar Door #9 The Limited Oriental Nights Wellness Package Of Ritual With Fragrance Extra

Think i am crazy, but my half bathroom inventory comes from ritual, probably because i put my home always with certain scents in conjunction and the products inspired by oriental tradition of the single home & body specialists around the world particularly well do my nose and the soul. Now i have a weakness for the smell of mhyrre and cocoa also for a long time, so it seems like limited edition had ritual with the new winter oriental nights looked in the head, the collection that combines both. Inspired by the mysteries of the bedouin, that herbs and spices guide of the sun and stars through the warm fragrant desert allow, we are spoiled this time with all kinds of ingredients from the far east. And because i know that you can treat yourself like much too little rest, we’re giving away a complete today oriental nights wellness package to you. I’m a bit jealous, in the most positive of all the senses, of course, because the limited edition includes quite a few relaxation helpers, including calming effect: Continue reading

Nail News – Anny Led One Step… Ready! In The Test

Heard from her hungry Lackaffen, there is again something new. ANNY has started just a small revolution in the Polish market: ‘ LED one step … Ready! “is the latest prank, which 30 seconds with the help of LED Licht hardens and then set flashes on the finger and shines and Aur. So anyway, the theory – we have one step ready tool kit tried.

But let’s just rewind: we’re talking about nail polish for the impatient Pookums among us who wish to bring their nails in tip-top condition while they lubricate fully the breakfast sandwiches with jam. The focus is quite clear: speed nails in perfection. So. But now:

And here the hard facts?

Dry in 30 seconds tip top without base coat without topcoat a smooth nail surface keeps hot until 7 days shines as 1000 stars in the firmament casts gel kess scratch-resistant in 30 colors Continue reading

In The Mood For: Festive Sparkle & Applying The Right Fat

“What depends on my child’s doing in your hair?” – “It’s only my gold plated tiara” – will I sing my dear Grandma this year like counter table and Christmas goose. When in the year you can else without having to feel overdressed? And if the daylight maximum there can it hold only until 15:15, to go then fluent in the night, other items for the elucidation of the mind must hold. For centuries, it is therefore moral and only smart houses festive with lights, garlands, and lava lamps to the light to bring. Continue reading