The 10 Most Beautiful Autumn Looks of the Stars

Celebrity ladies like Olivia Palermo (28), Blake lively (27), Victoria Beckham (40) are often a styling step ahead us in terms of trends. Our site shows the ten most important autumn looks with star appeal – to do and Nachshoppen!

1st Bordeaux-complete look

Elegant and warm at the same time: Olivia Palermo (28) Bordeaux – fall classic – bears from head to toe. She missed the noble factor their casual turtleneck with pencil skirt, statement necklace and pointed heels. Extra tip: When it gets colder like a Claret pantyhose to style Continue reading

8 Facts You Need to Know about Camel Hair Coats

Trends come and go. It is therefore much more sense once more noble classics to invest in, which can be worn for many years with good care. We introduce the timeless camel hair coat – in the second part of the basic guide by Our site and trendy variants, to wear it in the winter of 2014.

  1. origin
    in 1981, the former designer of the Italian fashion brand of Max Mara, Anne Marie Beretta (77), the camel hair coat model “101801” has designed a fashion-historical milestone. Since then at least a camel hair coat in the seasonal winter collection by Max Mara appears, has become the customer of the brand over the past few decades and is often copied in cheap versions. A fashion classic , the beige camel hair coat received the accolade through exhibitions at the Musée de la mode in Paris and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Continue reading

Vérazzano Leather Jacket

Quentin September 20, 2016 mode Leave a comment

Here is my test of the jacket “Henry” of the brand Vérazzano available at Cuiropolis. A high quality and the modern cut leather jacket!

Brand Vérazzano

The Vérazzano brand was created in 2000 by a young passionate Italian fashion designer. The brand demonstrated an inflexible rigour regarding the quality of the used leathers and worked with each new season style. Knowledge make this home has some fast growing up and to be now available at the french leader of leather clothing: Our site.

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Poppy Delevingne Fashion Style

If you are black lovers do as the English socialite Poppy Delevingne wearing an all-black look with a touch of fluorescent color.

English socialite Poppy Delevingne, with his style defined by her eclectic, always shows perfect for every occasion and society life event so much to be photographed-perhaps not as much as the little sister, the lovely Cara Delevingne-for providing clean look as in this case, where the model has chosen to wear a fluorescent jacket on a total black look. Black leather pants on classic shoe with a black tank top worn under a turquoise jacket. Accessory only: two large dangling earrings that enhance the face.

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Summer Denim Jacket

Summer is wonderful in every way, but we all know that the Swedish summer can sometimes be oberäknerlig. The rain can trick behind what seems to look like a nice summer and cold winds can come crawling when we least expect it. So, just as important, it is with a light summer dress, it can also be a good summer jacket. One of our absolute favorites in this area is a denim jacket . Not only is it the ultimate summer jacket, given its warm yet relatively thin material, it is also durable and can be paired with most other garments. What we can also think is better looking than the hottest’re matching jeans with jeans.

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BESTAAH Maternity Clothes

The online store Bestaah is dedicated to the future and young mothers wishing to dress pregnant, in a chic and elegant spirit. Buy his office pregnant woman’s pants, dress the future mother dresses, original pregnancy ups, fine maternity lingerie, jackets for the mother, cardigans maternity and jewelry bola pregnancy on-dressing is a guarantee of quality and customized service.

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How to Choose a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

How to choose his motorcycle jacket?

If the helmet is mandatory on a motorcycle, wearing a jacket suitable for the practice of the bike is highly recommended.

The motorcycle jacket will protect you from weather and falls on the road, and sometimes at high speed. A motorcycle jacket is different from any other Jacket by equipment designed for bikers.

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How to Wear Bombers

Thee bomber’s jacket man is back in fashion. Very popular late 90s, the bomber is back in force this year. Originally, the bomber jacket is designed for pilots of the US military. During the Vietnam War, this jacket is a symbol of support to the armed troops bogged down in an endless war. With this enthusiasm, public marketing bomber is launched. Like any good accessory mythical dressing room, the dish becomes a true sign of belonging and beliefs. Later it is found on the back of skinheads for example. This is still the case. Then it is the youth of suburbs that have appropriated if this symbolic garment.

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How to Dress for Wedding Guest Man?

I recently had the opportunity to advise one of our readers to help choose the outfit he will wear the next marriage for which he will participate.

He introduced me 5 photos that we posted on Instagram account (it’s worth a look!!), in which he found something elegant and casual in. He told me that seeks an outfit “a bit” exclusive because it will have a small role in the ceremony, while not wanting costume.

Last, our dear reader is not closed to wear a tie or bow tie, but he said he manage to do without. We can not be!

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Marc By Marc Jacobs in Paris

We waited, it was hoped, Marc has done: one dedicated to his second line shop, where you can find clothes and accessories that make us dream on New Yorkers podiums and up then were hardly accessible. A happiness never comes alone, for his first point of sale in Europe, Marc Jacobs chose Paris. What titillate us more than the next opening of COS…

Many are those who have fantasized product Marc By Marc Jacobs. These, in addition to being completely impregnated with the creativity of the designer, are available at affordable rates. However, the lack of shop till deprived us of this pleasurable experience of what the shopper Marc Jacobs for the same price that a cashmere Zadig et Voltaire, the aura and inventiveness more… Continue reading

Zadig et Voltaire Deluxe Version

Gamble for the Parisian label Zadig and Voltaire, which has just announced that it would try to high-end next winter. Thierry Gillier, founder of the brand, has decided to be more selective in offering its clients an exclusive VIP line drawn limited edition…

Faced with customers increasingly eager for high-end products, Thierry Gillier felt the need to offer a gold version of the Zadig et Voltaire cloakroom .He has done everything possible for his clients not to go away for shopper more avenue Montaigne’s overpriced, offering them the opportunity to find their happiness in their home of record seller of cashmere. Continue reading