Leggings for Baby Boy

Before, I thought to wear leggings children during the day, came back to let them in pajamas. And I hate to see kids in pajamas the day! Since they were born, I never left my children in pajamas the day, from my perspective, I find it important that it makes the difference between day (we dress) and night (we pyj sets), and I find that it gives them good habits: we get up, we dress to start her day. It’s my way of seeing things, some (s) will find it reactionary, but for me it is.

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Ban on Leggings

Xtract press January 2013 article-today the “Legging” or skinny Jeans are in vogue. Through Dakar and its suburbs, in any part of the way, the girls wear them to show off their physique in public. These ‘sexy’ outfits that reflect faithfully the fitness of young girls, are rampant. Even the “Diongoma” wear and the example of ‘Miss Diongama 2012’ Confidences Magazine plunges you into the lives of the followers of this clothing fashion…

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What to Wear with Legging Jeans

Jeggings, tregging, leggings, no matter how you call the usual, these pants are tight, despite the return of bootcuts, very present in the urban setting. They appeared the idea of ​​making leggings in denim. Today they are found in all materials and all colors, with or without pockets, buttons, zippers and other details.

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How to Match Jeggings

What are they and how to match jeggings? Discover it with us with lots of info and trivia!

They are practical, young and very easy to match. What are? The “jeggings”, the new frontier of fashion when it comes to pants, the natural evolution of leggings and a step ahead of classic jeans!


The jeggings are leggings jeans light effect, and therefore particularly suitable for the spring and summer. Perfectly combine the convenience of leggings, very light and thin, the versatile style and always fashionable skinny jeans.

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Leggings Styling Tips

Leggings are one of the most popular trousers and are likely to be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. No wonder: The Strechhosen are super comfortable, can be combined versatile and look really good – provided you follow a few key styling rules, because otherwise the silver bullet Leggings is also fast times backfired. We have brought you four practical tips that show you how to combine her leggings and get off to a cracking performance can.

1. Material and color

Leggings are available in a variety of colors, materials and patterns, wild print on lace to sexy leather. However, if you really want to style your hair stylishly his leggings, should look for when buying a high-quality, solid material that fits well and is opaque. Nothing is unstylisher as battered, transparent or ill-fitting leggings. Also in the choice of color sensitivity is required. Best you take the classic version in black, as bright and loud colors carry on, which, given the narrowness of the pants can be visually disadvantageous.

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Great Leggings Outfits


Women with curves must not shy away from leggings! They can also wear beautiful and trendy leggings outfits. It is only important to consider a few little tips here, so as not to use the cliche moderate image. Do you have a somewhat stronger stature, then you should make sure that the shell extends not only over the butt, but ideally up to the middle of your thigh. In addition, the tops should not sit too tight. Selects, for example, a beautiful oversize blouse and pulls to high shoes that you stretch into the air and can act your legs even longer.
It is also important to attract a leggings, which was made ​​of a solid and stable material. So it avoids that the leggings not constrict and nothing emerges. Here, therefore, are best pants made ​​of cotton or Jeggings Denim. In the color choice you should make sure no bright colors, no Shimmering or Shining or leggings to wear with patterns. Colors like black, dark blue or dark gray are you best.

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How to Match Leggings

The leggings are just a few fine, especially if misused! The fashion tips for wearing leggings without having style!

The leggings are one of the most practical garments ever but also the most dangerous! They look good and also to those who might wear them without any risk often fall into the most common mistake of all: consider them pants!

To be certain to wear leggings without losing immediately the first style and elegance and inviolable rule to follow is to not wear them ever, for any reason, alone! If you follow religious dedication this law, you’re unquestionably far more trash and sloppy style.

Combine them with a skirt but forget the miniskirt: opt instead for a few centimeters of fabric and the result will be much more elegant.

The soft wool sweater and long to appear a dress must be combined with leggings but attention also in this case the lengths: If the pullover comes barely to cover her butt, match it jeans or skinny pants.

The shorts can also be used in winter when combined with leggings! Remember also that there are only black leggings: played with colors and fabrics to create new combinations.

Avoid wearing sneakers or any other athletic shoe or you risk seem hardly out of the gym: according to emilyleggings, better match them to the pumps which also help to slim the leg that the leggings cut!