Emulating Mr. Darcy… Planted This Fall with Your Favorite Animal!

For all the lovers (in which I include myself) of the film Bridget Jones: Now you can already emulate to Marc Darcy on Christmas day. That what I mean? The jersey style ‘looser’ and ‘nerd’ who wore the guaperrimo (if I know, I have love) Mr. Darcy now is fashion. If he was that wore like never before a reindeer on the front of its jersey, now the catalogue of animals It varies according to the tastes of each.

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It Teaches Shoulders The Entire World! (Will This Trend Triumph?)

There are trends trying to them put up to shoehorn is true, and as well commented a few days ago my partner Total free There are trends that have not won this season. Even though firms have them promoted and squeezed the most. Today I bring you a fashion that see her lately in the looks of bloggers from all over the world, but I don’t know if at the end you will probably in general.

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10 Fashion Rules by Guido Maria Kretschmer

There would be a ministerial position for fashion only Guido Maria Kretschmer (49) could fulfill this Office with dignity, charm and competence. The designer and TV presenter now wrote his second fashion Advisor, an amusing guide through the ladies wardrobe with numerous styling tips such as only GMK can bring them to the woman.

“A blouse is yet to have a summer – Tales from the closet” is the new book by Guido Maria Kretschmer. In it, the designer buttons for typical pieces of women’s wardrobe as skirt, blouse, costume and dress up, reveals their history, their species, what it represents and how to wear it. There are fashion tips in typical Kretschmer fashion: determining, laconically, amusing but never offensive. Tasting compliant? Continue reading

How to Wear the Denim Shirt

How to wear the denim shirt? Who doesn’t have a denim shirt in his closet? Almost all fell for it at one time or another…Only here, when we get up to go to the office and that you look at it on the hanger, you wonder for sure with what or how to wear it look a minimum for work. Blocked… and then we drop… I guess that reminds you something!

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How to Wear the Cardigan?

When I Planchais on philosophy essays, I always began my introduction by making a heartfelt sentence on popular thought is to say, the general opinion, or at least, most shared on the topic. It avoided me to go through to hang empty phrases as a “Throughout history men” who tirelessly give your teacher the sudden and unstoppable to fuck up.

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Emanuel Berg Dress Shirt

November 30, 2012 / by Geoffrey Heath34 comments

William, that France is developing the brand of shirts tailor-made Emmanuel Berg (originally German brand), we proposed to test its products. So it’s true before that had already heard you of several similar services of made-to-measure shirts.

But it had not yet had the opportunity to feel of the (really) high-quality other than ready-to-wear. Now it is made (and it’s always useful to have an overview in order to then judge the interest of such or such marks in entry and mid-tier).

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How to Dress for Wedding Guest Man?

I recently had the opportunity to advise one of our readers to help choose the outfit he will wear the next marriage for which he will participate.

He introduced me 5 photos that we posted on Instagram account (it’s worth a look!!), in which he found something elegant and casual in. He told me that seeks an outfit “a bit” exclusive because it will have a small role in the ceremony, while not wanting costume.

Last, our dear reader is not closed to wear a tie or bow tie, but he said he manage to do without. We can not be!

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APC Madras

Jean Touitou, the founder of APC, lover of practical minimalism and stylistic evidence, has the gift to seduce the avid fashionista sharp basics, giving it a flawless look not without a certain freshness. So when it joined – in 2002 – with Jessica Ogden (a British designer follower of ethnic prints and vintage cuts) to launch a new line called “Madras”, our fashion taste buds have floundered happiness…

In fact, this collection is timely to renew our printed Scottish, who are beginning to feel the beginnings of obsolescence. This may seem strange, as APC is careful to follow trends, standing well away from the talk of the modes. However, sometimes the trend line crosses that of Jean Touitou, allowing us to view his creations, which are too often the preserve of initiates. Continue reading

Alexander Wang for Uniqlo

Last December, Uniqlo invested French soil, offering us the opportunity to enjoy its legendary quality T-shirts, jeans worthy of his Levi’s and its cashmeres at bargain prices. Far from stopping there, the king of the Japanese hype has decided to invite her in the most “in” Rays of the New York artists (who squats our stylistic fantasies from his show fall-winter): Alexander Wang.

For those who have been hibernating this winter, Alexander Wang is a man to follow very closely. Indeed after his trade from Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam, this young genius sharp undermines continues to confirm the hopes he had raised at the launch of his own label. Its chic / destroy style, finely honed to marketing constraints and in line with the trendy young generation, illustrates perfectly the new wave of designers in America. Continue reading

T-Shirts Hype Our Site

In March, news our site is obviously cannibalized by the fifth collection of Kate Moss out in recent days. However, the locker room proposed by Miss Moss is a mix rock / bohemian fashionnement correct and no surprises, it is with pleasure that we discover in the trendy concept store British collaboration a crispier nothing to put himself on the back…

Even if the sign is slow to settle in France, as ardently wish fashionistas, our site has nevertheless filled the majority of them in recently expanding deliveries of its e-shop in France. Now there is no need to jump on the Eurostar or the tent in front of Colette to acquire sophisticated collections regularly emitted by the hype of the giant. We can listen calmly the intricacies of online sales site, knowing that everything is accessible by a pair of clicks. To us therefore Christopher Kane, Rodnik, Goldin… Continue reading