Oversize Sweater + Tube = the Best Combination for the Fall!

Stylish, warm and super easy to make: to the oversize sweater is the ultimate casual look of the models for the fall. Our site reveals why it is worth to put on this casual combination.


Hailey Baldwin (17) carries the perfect autumn look: beige baggy sweater in fine cashmere to the black tube

Hailey has this combination probably in several variants in the closet: skinny blue jeans, blue Sweatshirt (oversized), black booties finished!
Models must wear an easy look between the shows, from which it quickly out can slip. Striped sweater in XL knitting replaced the coat to shimmering tubes, booties and Backpack: so model Taylor Hill can pull comfortably and safely the trend of a show to the next
Model Alex Yurieva sets an extra trend accent with a plaid XL sweater. Rock tube with lacing at the side hem get a sporty through white sneaker
Model Emma oak opts for the noble combination in terms of color. Navyblauer Rahuman of to black tube and boots. The monochrome shoulder bag this looks extra elegant
The black-fully-look makes tubes and oversize sweater (r.) as a mixture of a grunge girl and a 60-year intellectual model Waleska Gorcezvsci. Here on the side of model colleague Manuela Frey (l.)
The ultimate casual chic grey sweater, black tube and ankle boots. So simple, so elegant. Great Diana Moldovan made!


1 goes fast and is always stylish
Casual sweaters, tube, booties – ready. More you don’t need to back no time well and cool to be attracted. Adult generated grunge combined: set 1 at the sweater on precious materials like cashmere and elegant colors such as gray, Bordeaux and beige. 2. the skinny jeans should be in this season of black or dark denim. Also with a tube buttersoft leather, the look Gets a refined touch. Continue reading

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Love, career, health – that’s why it goes in most horoscopes. The stars influence but also our style of dress. What is now on the shooter in fashion? Our site tell you.

Typical shooter: They are versatile, optimistic and enterprising. In terms of fashion, that is: try new things, but remain on the carpet.

Style: Trends Yes – but please practically implemented! Finally, you have much before. Make simple like singer Taylor Swift (24). She wears now knee-high boots, which is super hot. The paragraph remains, but the blocky and is not too high, so that she can run all day on their trend boots around. Continue reading

Jogging Pants in Style

Symbol of the stylistic slick by excellence, now become a bias mode, the track pants now assumes is in town… with a few small precautions however.

Since the time that we wanted to do with impunity: the jogging in the city, Chick? To fetch the croissants in the morning, too easy. For brunch with friends, it’s starting to get a little dangerous. And to go to work? What a strange idea. And yet.

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How to Wear the Cardigan?

When I Planchais on philosophy essays, I always began my introduction by making a heartfelt sentence on popular thought is to say, the general opinion, or at least, most shared on the topic. It avoided me to go through to hang empty phrases as a “Throughout history men” who tirelessly give your teacher the sudden and unstoppable to fuck up.

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Dandies Are Exposed at Dior

It is now proven: the Dandy spirit will literally infuse our wardrobes for the coming winter. Whether man’s jacket or coat, it will master the subject of sophisticated and masculine elegance.

When the leg eph’ or blazer back in fashion, the fashionista has to put them to feel the wind. It is different when it’s an attitude, a way of being, which dictates the dress code of a season. Therefore, we can no longer copy stupidly podiums, because we seem to disguise sure; we must grasp the essence of words and interpret.  Continue reading