Tips to Buy Shoes Online

Buy shoes online offers many benefits, but do not trust the proposals too holidays are often disappointments. How to avoid fraud? Follow these simple tips.

The shoes you have always wanted a bargain price, even discounted by 80%! Possible? No, usually not. It is very often of disappointments. It ‘true that there are cheaper compared to the prices of shoes online stores, but it is also true that buying online is easy to run into scammers. How to figure out if what we have before us is a deal or a scam? Follow these tips.

Too High Discounts (70/80%)

Though they may be economic, it is very unlikely that the shoes are sold with 80% discount or in some cases even with 90%. Such discounts are virtually impossible. So be wary of sites, especially not famous, selling such low priced shoes to be suspicious.

Designer shoes at very low prices?

Of Louboutin to 90 EUR, 50 EUR Nike sneakers in fake unlikely “official sites”. Things usually are two: or simply take your money but you will never ship the shoes, or is it illegal replicas, bootleg shoes short.

Strange languages? Distrust

If the site is written in an Italian a bit ‘strange, beware. This is probably a foreign site applies, and if the company that represents it has not even invested about translation, we say it is a bad signal.

Check Before There Is The Service Rendered

Many online stores offer the ability to return or exchange the shoes if the number is not right, or if the shoes did not turn out suitable for some reason. First check carefully the conditions of the service rendered.

Do Not Trust The Photos

Often in fake brand websites or scam-shops are also the product photos, complete with box, shoe photographed from various points of view etc. It serves to give the idea to the buyer that the service is especially serious and real. It ‘a technique often used by scam sites to deceive the users to be in official sites.

In contacts is the only email? Do not trust

Always find out if the online store to which you rely is really existing. It has a phone number, a physical address, a contact person? If there is only a mysterious email is unreliable. It could be one of those cases where you pay considering making a deal and you will never see arrive your beloved shoes.

How to figure out who is the owner of the site?

Especially for the replica sites (fake Louboutin, Hogan, Nike, etc.) That offer economic super shoes, simply go to whois. net, enter the website address and click the button to check the item “registrant name “This is the name of those who registered the domain.If a nike outlet online with a very low price shoes is registered by an individual or a company that is not the Nike … well, forget about it right away.

Buy directly from the supplies

It is safe to buy from manufacturer while at low wholesale price. A leading wholesale site from China is, which offers all types of footwear, including sneakers, boots, sandals, etc.