7 Facts about Germany’s New Supermodel

Can the German model Anna Ewers (21) in the footsteps of Claudia Schiffer (44) or Heidi Klum (41) occur? The team is the new darling of the fashion and model industry, and is booked for the most prestigious jobs. Current highlight: Anna posing in the Pirelli Calendar.

Note that you have noticed quite Schon(e) competition from Germany Instagram model clique to CARA Delevingne (22), Kendall Jenner (21) and co.! Since the 21-year-old Anna Ewers from Baden-Wurttemberg by Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth (60) for the Italian “Vogue” issue of January 2013 has been scanned, it is her Model career steeply uphill. Our site tells you why you now need to remember this face. Predicate: iconic!

1 runway Marathon of summer 2015
Chanel, Chloe, Isabel Marant, Prada, Valentino, Marc Jacobs: Incredible 42 (!) Designer sent Anna Ewers in the autumn of this year for their collection presentations in Paris, New York and Milan on the catwalk. For comparison: the model of the year 2013, Edie Campbell (24), ran 21 shows in one season. And: Anna 1.75 “just” great for the catwalk actually almost too small is also still quite lush. But that doesn’t seem to bother their clients – on the contrary.

  1. valuable job network
    The blonde beauty international is ideally positioned with seven leading model agencies, representing world’s Anna. Their numerous, high-profile bookings suggest that is disciplined to work with the Germans. In addition, Anna, who lives now in Brooklyn (New York) with local, global industry leaders such as designer Alexander close friend Wang (30) isthat always book for its brands.
  2. only the best cover-jobs
    Currently, Anna graces the November cover of American fashion magazine “W” and photo gallery. Title at the most important fashion magazines, the Chinese, French and Italian ‘vogue’, include Ewers’ repertoire. Carine Roitfelds (60) “CR Fashion Book” or “i-D”? Anna was already on all well-known fashion staple cover girl!
  3. top promotional deals
    Clear that Wang his girlfriend hired Ewers as a catwalk – and campaigns-model of the cooperation of the year: Alexander Wang x H & M. As the new face for mango Anna exits Ewers actress Penélope Cruz (40) and Milla Jovovich (38) spring 2015 in the footsteps of predecessors such as top model Miranda Kerr (32). Striking: Anna picks up the best jobs and modeled for the 2014 in the network usually shared and acclaimed fashion campaigns: Prada spring/summer 2014 and Alexander Wang autumn/winter 2014/15.
  4. social media Princess and street style star
    Anne Ewers is active on Instagram with more than 27,000 followers since end of November 2013. No wonder: you know that the sharing of private and professional snapshots on the platform can significantly increase nowadays not only awareness, but also the market value of a model. Entrepreneur Heidi Klum has so recently their own line of underwear “Heidi Klum intimates” get and snapped up so that Elle Mac Pherson (51) million deal.

6 icons-comparison with Bardot and Schiffer
As Miss June in the Pirelli Calendar 2015 enchanted Ewers in the look of the young Brigitte Bardot (80). Already German supermodel Claudia Schiffer export was compared in their 20s with the Bardot and according to “Vogue” as its closest counterpart is. By the way: Claudia Schiffer missed the Bardot look then Ellen von Unwerth. The campaign photos for guess jeans brand at that time were Schiffers breakthrough, such as the blast cover of Ewers for ‘Vogue’… So it hardly surprising that Ewers so far the similarity to two icons adheres to Anne. Lara Stone (30), which had recently leased the look for yourself? In the fashion industry, has long been a Bardot yesterday…

7 super model accolade and forecasting
The appearance in the Pirelli Calendar 2015 is the current culmination of Anna’s career. Because: Model a month motif in this limited cult calendar to cash in is virtually guarantee for even more top jobs. What there is to come? Anna Ewers is yet not a “Victoria’s secret”-Engel such as the Hamburg Toni Garrn (22). Ob Ewers runs on 2 December at Chanel in Salzburg or in London for the world famous lingerie brand, we expect eagerly. One thing is certain: on one of two shows Germany’s new supermodel will be seen.