Advent Calendar Door #9 The Limited Oriental Nights Wellness Package Of Ritual With Fragrance Extra

Think i am crazy, but my half bathroom inventory comes from ritual, probably because i put my home always with certain scents in conjunction and the products inspired by oriental tradition of the single home & body specialists around the world particularly well do my nose and the soul. Now i have a weakness for the smell of mhyrre and cocoa also for a long time, so it seems like limited edition had ritual with the new winter oriental nights looked in the head, the collection that combines both. Inspired by the mysteries of the bedouin, that herbs and spices guide of the sun and stars through the warm fragrant desert allow, we are spoiled this time with all kinds of ingredients from the far east. And because i know that you can treat yourself like much too little rest, we’re giving away a complete today oriental nights wellness package to you. I’m a bit jealous, in the most positive of all the senses, of course, because the limited edition includes quite a few relaxation helpers, including calming effect:

Since the oriental dream shower foam and the moisturizing oriental would be shimmer cream for a little gloss on the skin, the oriental energy my bathroom favorite, the oriental heart fragrance sticks provides hand wash in turn delicate finger despite the winter cold, , wrap the entire room in a soothing cardamom and mhyrre scent, the corresponding oriental light scented candle works also in the living room, even the christmas tree gets something, namely quite a handful scented tassels, which also visually quite do what here and for cosy evenings we tackle even the oriental night tea with chamomile and lavender on top of it. Missing only a little extra that we get one at that, because you are the best: perfume! My favourite from the collection of oriental essences: „ nuit à marrakesh „. How you can win?

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Did you know …?

– as first brand combines ritual in her product range home & body products

– the brand philosophy: the daily care routine is to be transformed into special pampering.

– all products – more than 400 – are from authentic
far eastern traditions inspired.

– on the opening of the first ritual, stores in the kalverstraat amsterdam in 2000 was followed by opening in cities such as london, madrid, antwerp, lisbon, berlin, stockholm, sao paulo and new york. Now the premium brand has 400 stores, 1,000 shop-in-shops and five city spas in 21 countries around the world.

The package at a glance:

The winner / the winners will be informed in exactly seven days via mail.
We keep all fingers crossed fixed

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