Agyness Deyn Dethrone Kate Moss

by | September 28, 2016

The unconditional reign of twig on the fashionistas dress code will be terminated. Indeed, Kate Moss just got upstaged by the top Agyness Deyn, who happens to be the winner of the “Tatler’s Best Dressed List’. Mirthful Agyness continues his climb to the stars, and nothing and no one seems able to resist…

For over a decade, the fashionistas around the world look a look at the looks of one that began on Calvin Klein campaigns. However, grungy glamor of Kate Moss failed to cope with the pace funky rock and roll of Deyn. The trend is changing, and the ex Pete Doherty sees surpassed by the sparkling youth, carefree and doped to the exhilaration of a great binge lanky.

It must be said that for two years, Agyness Deyn takes center stage in a very personal way. More player that poseuse, the fair has attracted by her laughter than by its affectations. The freshness emanating from this blonde liana offered the world of fashion recreation he needed it, not one of her apparitions beyond the hype good mood of the young woman. If Coco Rocha opted for a mysterious quickdraw Deyn wants fluokid as hell, like a little Tom Sawyer fashion.

Thus that Burberry pubs strokes, shows of fencing and media pampering, Agyness Deyn – despite his crazy style – was appointed (by Tatler, a British magazine) “the best dressed woman of ‘year”. The friendliest, funniest, most charismatic, the most inspired surely, but the best dressed … This choice leaves us pensive, the style of the British top covered most of the punk-rock kaleidoscope and exquisite corpse vintage that mastery perfect elegance.

However, these lists have a small quaint side, if not snob and empty, we will not dwell on palmares promulgating, more subject to fashion trends as timeless observations based on a sense of the universal good, perhaps eventually exceeded. What is now put forward is a personality, a desire to do battle with codes and a relaxed face that-tell-you one, an area where Agyness Deyn could only get by easily…