Alert Stalkers and Influencers: Instagram Zoom Is Here

by | June 23, 2017

added the option Zoom images in its latest version. It has done it again: renew to not die along the way and continue to attract thousands of people that thicket to fall into their trap (never better said). This tool serves for everything: from learning of breaking news, keep track of the famous, see what trends are going to make the season (and what will stop doing it) or stalkear the guy that you like and the world that surrounds him (ex girlfriends, family, neighbors, friends, work, etc.). And now it will make life easier to those who are flawed to this.

How many times your friend (who does not understand RSS) has given a like the guy that you like to a photo of 150 weeks ago thinking that it could be extended? How many times have you made screenshot to increase over the image and scrutinize it to the smallest detail? Now all of that go into history with the simple fact that Instagram allows us to see in detail what we see on screen by adding the option to zoom, although at the moment this option only applies to users of iOS.

Not content with adding a to each profile Snapchat, now decides to bet on what many people requested. That Yes, if what we want is stalkear will have to be very careful (laugh you Ethan Hunt in mission impossible) knows, at a time of rising finger goes beyond and we give to the I like.

The danger of extending

The question is, we have to delete images of yesteryear for fear that the large image reveals more than necessary? Photos in bikini that we take in the distance, not very graceful face but it is imperceptible in such a small space, a few kilillos more than once we not imported… Not everything had to be advantages with the new addition.

A photo published by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) 21 Aug 2016 (s) 8:32 PDT

So thus we have to watch even more what we publish and be more perfectionists when it comes to taking a photo.