Already Tired of Being Fed Up, Marion Cotillard Defends Himself of The Slander Via Instagram Account

by | June 29, 2017

After all the dimes and bickering which ensure that one of the reasons why Angelina Jolie has asked divorce her husband were the alleged infidelity of Brad Pitt with the actress Marion Cotillard – after match with her during the shooting of the film “Allied”-; Marion Cotillard He has chosen to nip the rumour that the League Brad Pitt publishing tonight a post in his account of Instagram, written in English, for restore the truth and put an end to the slander that is being victim.

The text is to say the following:

“This will be the first and only reaction which will obtain in regard to the precipitous rumor mill that began 24 hours in which I’ve been involved much to my regret. I have custom comment or take me seriously the many absurdeces that are discussed on me, but as the situation is becoming disproportionate dyes and the people that I want to, I am forced to have to raise my voice to affect.

To begin with, I met some years ago the man of my life, the father of our son and baby we are waiting today. Is My love, my best friend and the only man that I need. Then, those who accuse me feel devastated to reassure them saying that I am very well, thank you. This kind of aberrant inventions do not affect me at all”.

“Finally, to media, to all the haters, trolls and the like that they are allowed to make value judgments so quickly, I wish you sincerely… a quick recovery.” Having said that, and already in serious, desire to Angelina and Brad, two people that I have a deep respect, who soon find peace in these tumultuous times. With all my love, Marion”.