Amancio Ortega Is Already The World’s Richest Man (And Our Passion for Zara Surely Has Something to Do)

by | June 24, 2017

Forbes has spoken: Amancio Ortega is already the world’s richest man. It has surpassed Bill Gates today itself. The fortune of the founder of Inditex is coded in 78.700 million dollars (about 70,000 million euros). A 3.2% rise in the Inditex’s actions in recent weeks is the big part of this rise. Well, that and our constant visits to Zara.

It is not the first time that Ortega is number 1 in Forbes. He was also number 1 for a few hours last October. The constant rise of Amancio Ortega, is no doubt from the creation of Confecciones GOA in 1963 until the Foundation of Zara, in 1975. Little more than 40 years separate the first store in La Coruna of the XXL macrotiendas, real estate investments, and technological innovations that we told you about in recent weeks.