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By | March 5, 2021

According to Countryaah, in July 2004, however, Andorra was forced by the EU into greater transparency in its banking sector to limit the possibility of money laundering.

The April 2005 election was won by the Liberal Party and Albert Pintat was named prime minister.

At the prospect of decriminalization of drug use, in early 2007, an opinion poll was conducted which showed that 71% of the population believed that decriminalization would only increase the increasing drug problems in the country.

Official Language of Andorra

The 2010 telecommunications company was in the process of laying fiber networks to all households in the country, which from the end of 2010 should provide residents with 100Mb internet.

Andorra in June 2011 recognized Kosova as an independent state.

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Andorra was hit by the economic crisis in the EU which caused the flow of tourism to dry up. Among other things. because goods became cheaper in Spain. That was the reason why Andorra introduced a corporate tax of 10% in January 2012 and a VAT of 2%. In May 2013, it was further announced that the country would introduce income tax.

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