Antelope Canyon in Arizona

By | August 12, 2022

Tips for perfect photography in the crevices of Antelope Canyon

The narrow crevices are incredibly photogenic. But it is not that easy to shoot such beautiful photos of these breathtaking spots as those that can be admired in travel guides. Tourists arriving to take photos should therefore prepare thoroughly for the planned photo tour and familiarize themselves with the settings of their camera. You should also remember that there is a lot of dust in the air there. You should therefore avoid changing lenses if possible.

That makes taking photos in the crevices so difficult

If you set off with the camera towards the canyon, you will face some difficulties there. The lighting conditions change hour by hour. It is particularly difficult when you are shooting towards the sky. The light is then often overexposed. One reason why when you are looking for the perfect spot for your photo, you should look for a spot where the sky cannot be seen. There are many such places in the Antelope Canyon.

Those who want to explore the Antelope Canyon during their stay in the hours of the morning or the hours of the afternoon will often find more peace and less people there, but have to forego strong contrasts in the recordings at this time of day. However, the lighting conditions do not prevent you from taking beautiful pictures with the right settings and the right exposure time.

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The perfect conditions for taking pictures of the light rays with the camera during the photo tour are found at lunchtime from around 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The lighting conditions are then best and the light reaches as a spot into the sand on the floor of the canyon. The guides who lead the photo tours know the places where the light is best.

Sunlight as an important factor for the optimal photo

These cones of light can only be found in Upper Antelope Canyon. One of the main reasons most people visit this part of the canyon. The number of visitors is correspondingly high in the main season. The “fee” for entry is then also more expensive.

For breathtaking pictures, however, sunlight is essential. Guided tours that do not take place in direct sunlight can be less frequented, especially in high season, but unfortunately on these days you have to do without pictures with incredible details, as you know from the travel guide. The flash tends to stay off when taking photos at this location near the Utah border.

Tip: A tripod is recommended to take the best possible picture of the popular motif. Tripods may only be used as part of guided photo tours and exclusively in the Upper Antelope Canyon. In Lower Antelope Canyon it is not allowed to use tripods, partly because of the stairs and ladders. Bringing rucksacks or other bags is also not allowed.

Places to stay near the canyon

There are tons of hotels, motels, and other accommodations like that in Page Antelope Canyon Inn on visitors. That is recommended Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell. The hotel is 8.4 kilometers from Upper Antelope Canyon.

Camping and tents nearby

Also camping or tents is possible tourists in the area of the slot canyons. In our experience, the following campsites are recommended:

  • Lone Rock Beach: Lone rock is a popular spot for locals and is around a 20 minute drive from Page. Here on the beach you can find a nice spot near the water.
  • Alstrom Point: The Alstrom Point is part of the GCNRA and offers one of the most beautiful views of Lake Powell. Definitely one of the nicest campsites in the area.
  • Wahweap RV and Campground: The campsite is in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is located approximately 20 miles from Antelope Canyon. Due to its location next to the marina, you can also marvel at imposing ships.
  • Page Campground: The Page campground is less than 7 miles from Antelope Canyon.

A break at the campsite at Lake Powell can be combined with a round trip, for example, when traveling from Las Vegas to Monument Valley.

With the dog in the canyon?

The entire area of ​​the canyon, which is privately owned by the Navajos, may only be walked with a guide. Dogs are not allowed to enter the Antelope Canyon. B. be housed in Page in a boarding house. The prices for the accommodation can be requested directly there.

Visitor centers

There is no real visitor center.

Contact information:

Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park Office
PO Box 4803, Page, AZ 86040
Tel. (928) 698-2808

Grand Falls: (928) 686-3227
Wheatfields Lake: (928) 724-2220
Rainbow Bridge: (928) 698-2808
San Juan River: (928) 871-6647
Marble Canyon: (928) 698-2808

Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Opening Hours

The visit is possible at any time of the year. The times for the inspection depend on the tours offered. The providers offer guided tours for groups at different times.

When it comes to the best travel time, it depends on your own preferences. A visit in spring is a good compromise between good light and not too many visitors.

Entrance fees

Adult entry fee: approximately $ 80 per person. Children ages 0-12 pay around $ 60 (USD).

It is advisable to reserve tickets before traveling. Especially when there are high numbers of visitors, it is otherwise almost impossible to join a tour through the canyon with its breathtaking rock faces and enjoy this natural wonder with your own eyes. Make sure you book early.

The price refers to the tours. The actual entry into the canyon is the Navajo Permit Fee.

Directions to the entrance and the parking lots

From Page, Antelope Canyon can be reached east on Highway 98 towards Kayenta. The parking lot for the Upper Antelope Canyon is to the right of the Milemarker 299. Half a kilometer further follows the entrance to the Lower Antelope Canyon. This is also where the ticket booth can be found, where the fee for the Navajo Park has to be paid.

A car is usually required to get to Antelope Canyon. In order to save costs when booking your rental car, we recommend comparing prices the platform


Land Department / Parks & Recreation 48 West Taylor Rd. Bldg # 8966, Hwy 264, St. Michaels, Arizona 86515

Antelope Canyon in Arizona