B Luxury Vintage – The Best Thrift Store in Brazil

by | November 22, 2018

Founded in 2007, the B Luxury is one of the most important and influential thrift stores in Brazil. The collection has pieces for men and women gathered by the owners in the us and Europe. The environment of the shop is extremely well decorated, with a visual merchandising surprising.

B Luxury Vintage – The Best Thrift Store in Brazil

The B Luxury accommodation in São Paulo is one of the best vintage stores in Brazil, if not the best! I love hyperbole, but you just look at the photos to see which has no exaggeration in this statement. The thrift store, which is located on Rua Augusta 2.393, was opened by the couple Paula Roboredoand Gil France, two people who set up everything with the heart.

The two, who always traveled to hunt for parts, moved to London this year. About 90% of the products that are there came from the United States and Europe. The novelties continue to arrive, with the difference that now also gives to visit the universe of them in the land of the queen, who is called B. L. & Co..

Me the most called your attention in the place is the merchandising. The store environment is extremely impressive. I love this kind of space, with everything piling up. On my last visit to São Paulo I have seen many environments and minimalist, those with a coat hanging on a white wall. I prefer the places with the personal touch that the B. Luxury has. A wonderful mix, polluted, full of things, lived and felt!

In addition to the visual merchandising wonderful, the shelves and shelves of B. Luxury are well stocked with vintage clothing. The store has a little of everything:

  • Magazines
  • Shoes
  • Objects
  • Accessories

For the men to have a lot of the years 50 and 60. Many pieces of jeans, the other with footprint workwear, some jackets of the military, and also shirts printed rayon and cotton, in the best style of the american vacation.

The female side also has a lot of stuff, including clothes older. I have quaze sure that they have enough pieces of the 20’s, 30’s and even the Victorian era.

The macaw that I thought was most cool was the t-shirts. Some are well puídas (in a good way), with colors and prints very nice, in addition to being made with a type of mesh that is seen little today. Unfortunately most of them have small sizes.

By the shop you will find several curiosities such as rings and postcards. Everything is mixed and you have to go wondering what is selling and what is not.

The cool thing is that all of them are very friendly and know enough about what you have in B. Luxury, especially Patricia, who received me as he was taking a cup of coffee at home. I left with some cool stuff and even had an experience quite pleasant!

In addition to selling, the B. Luxury also rent and borrow pieces for editorials. The items of the moment are the souvenir jackets to those exposed on the top of a wall. These jackets with embroidery oriental on the back were created for american soldiers to take home as a souvenir after the occupation of Japan after the Second World War. It is a collection of really cool, one of those that you don’t see so easily out there.

The souvenir, or Sukajan Japanese, was ordered by american already fans of customization, to celebrate the stay in the Pacific. Drawings the most popular were the dragons, cherry blossoms, trees, local art, maps with personal significance and the geisha. These jackets vintage always has meaning and history is very cool and so high value among collectors.

Few things are more exciting than a treasure hunt, isn’t it? Even when it is by accident, or when you think a note of ten where not expected.

It is this feeling that a “vintage hunter” should have every day. Maybe the coolest mount a store as well is prepare the space and combine and fit everything in your vision. Is that you can also feel for a few minutes while browsing a thrift store as nice as this, imagine how to bring to its present the that was part of the past of someone. Who knows, you will leave with some treasure.

Visit the B. Luxury accommodation in São Paulo, in London, or even over the Internet the next time that you are looking for a find vintage, or just a little inspiration. Go on foot, metro, call an Uber, asks for the password of the Wi-Fi, no matter how, go, worth it!

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