Barcelona Travel Guide

By | March 28, 2021

The finest adjectives are loose when it comes to describing Barcelona. Here you can indulge in delicious food, look at magnificent architecture, get exciting experiences, and imagine Europe’s best nightlife. Below you can read everything you need to know when you want to go on a city break to Barcelona.

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Barcelona – Europe’s best city?

Barcelona is one of the world’s holiday cities that hardly needs any further introduction for Norwegians. The city is perhaps first and foremost known for its famous football team and the widespread football culture, but also for its rich history and cultural heritage. In addition, the white-clad sandy beaches are tempting enough for sun-pale northerners, and many go here just to experience the warm bathing waters of the Mediterranean.

We quote what a Barcelona lover once said: “If you only want to travel to one place in the world, it should be Barcelona”. Are you perhaps a couple looking for a romantic destination? Then we recommend the capital of Catalonia!

Recommended hotels in Barcelona

  • Ohla Barcelona-Five star hotel located in the Gothic Quarter in the heart of Barcelona’s Old Town. Here you live in the middle of nowhere in an exclusive and luxurious hotel.
  • Hotel 1898- Four star hotel located 1 minute away from the popular Las Ramblas street. An incredibly beautiful hotel with a roof terrace with a swimming pool that can take most people’s breath away.
  • Hotel Colon Barcelona-Slightly cheaper than the other two options, but with four stars you can also expect a very good standard here. The hotel receives generally good feedback from visitors. Here too you live very centrally in the Gothic Quarter with walking distance to most sights.

Travel to Barcelona

Norwegian flies directly to Barcelona every single day, and at times they operate more than one plane a day. SAS also has daily direct flights to El Prat. Low-cost airlines such as Vueling operate on this route in periods, but then usually with few departures per week. If you fly directly to Barcelona from Oslo, the flight time will take approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. The prices of a return ticket come down to NOK 1,000, if you book early and on the right days.

With a stopover, you naturally have a sea of ​​possibilities. In terms of time, you also do not have to get so bad with a stopover. If you have a full flap, you can get there in well under 5 hours.

Barcelona is also such a popular destination that there are a number of package tours there. Usually this involves chartered direct flights, not only from Oslo, but also many other Norwegian cities.

Water and health

The drinking water in the tap is clean, but due to a different bacterial flora, it is only recommended for brushing your teeth if you have a slightly fragile stomach. Spain is a well-developed country with good health care, and you do not have to worry on this front. Make sure you bring your European health card with you, and have your travel insurance in order.

Security in Barcelona

In general, Barcelona is a safe city, although it is large and attracts a lot of tourists. Violent crime is not something to worry about, but deception, fraud and pickpocketing are unfortunately a problem in some areas.

Pickpockets usually operate where large numbers of tourists travel, as well as on the subway and other places where people are close together. Store your valuables safely, and preferably in the hotel safe. Do not fan the camera, mobile phone and money, and avoid putting valuables in the backpack or the like.

Be aware that scammers often offer something that is too good to be true, such as cheap gold, watches or the like. Another well-used trick is stealing luggage from someone who pretends to help you carry it. Also pay attention to people who cause distractions. If you are distracted, someone else may be trying to empty your purse or bag.

Remember, however, that as long as you are not naive, the chances of something unpleasant happening are quite minimal.

Climate in Barcelona and best travel time

Climate in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Norwegians, and you usually travel there during the summer. The tourist season begins in April-May, and ends in September. It is during these months that the temperatures are reminiscent of the South. In the winter months will be milder temperatures, and in periods there may be a lot of rainfall.

The best times to visit Barcelona are in the spring and autumn. Then the temperatures are at their best, you probably avoid heavy rainfall, and you escape the biggest tourist flows.

Price level in Barcelona

The price level in Barcelona does not correspond to what Norwegians expect in Spain, especially if you traveled a lot in the 90s. The large influx of tourists has led to an increase in prices, both for goods and in restaurants. Nevertheless, it will be perceived as cheaper than in Norway. The official currency in Spain is the euro, and at the time of writing, 1 euro corresponds to approximately 9.5 Norwegian kroner ( check the exchange rate here ).

Transport in the city

Transport in Barcelona is also not a problem, with relatively affordable prices for taxis. The city also has good public transport with subway, trams and buses that you can save a lot of money on.

Get yourself a Hola BCN card if you are going to move around a lot, and be there for several days. The card is cheap and provides free use of the metro, bus, tram, train to El Prat Airport, as well as the Montjuic Funicular (but not Montjuic Telerific) cable car.