Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart Protagonists of The Costumes for ‘Cafe Society’. Fall in Love with Her Amazing Looks

by | June 14, 2017

Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart are the protagonists of the costumes of Coffee Society, dramatic comedy involving the number 46 of the Filmography of Woody Allen. Set in New York in the 1930s, the film reflects perfectly the fantastic costumes of the era. Fall in love with their beautiful looks and jewels, which have with the special collaboration of Chanel.

What is Cafe Society?

Coffee Society refers to members of high society, aristocrats, artists and celebrities, who gathered in cafes and trendy restaurants in New York, Paris and London in late 19th century and early 20th. The term became popular in New York in the 1930s, after the end of prohibition and the emergence of the yellow press, covering avidly members that Cafe Society. By then, there were dozens of dazzling clubs in New York. Every night, the famous wore their best outfits and made the circuit from the jazz clubs of Greenwich Village legendary places in the surroundings of the Center as The Morocco, the 142 Street in Harlem, where the Cotton Club was.

The The golden age of Hollywood also had their meeting points for the rich and famous, but its nightlife was different from New York. There were many places to go, it didn’t last until so late, fashion was lighter and everyone was going to sites by car. There was a part that was very glamorous, because they had movie stars, but New York had some sophistication of the night that Hollywood lacked.


The Cabinet of Coffee Society It is expensive, but most are borrowed clothes. Creations of Haute Couture, full of glamour and elegance where Chanel is certainly the signature player. The head of the costume is Suzy Benzinger, a fixed of the productions of Allen, who has perfectly recreated various designs of the maison, along with the borrowing. An impressive work which you can see in these images.

He could not design the costumes for this film and not having Chanel. The signature is a vital part of the story

The work of the designer’s costumes mark the differences between the glamour of Hollywood and New York. She tells us that Hollywood was built on an incredibly fake world that was created to attract millions of people to the cinema. “For them, it was very important to make the glamorous starlets, wearing them once they left home: we’ve all seen those photos of premieres of Hollywood of the 1930s in which the ladies carry coats with orchids.” And when you look at the date of these premieres, in August, when it’s a hellish hot in California. “In New York, it is more realistic: it’s cold outside, because women wear hat and stoles”.

The New York style It had a different than Paris or London air because people, influenced by the cultural life that had to her was bought around, tuxedos and couture creations. “The women of New York were something more European, more chic than the California”, Benzinger says. At that time many French designers were appearing in New York, and among the ladies had one huge competition with Chanel and Schiaparelli. And precisely Chanel is the protagonist of this production, both in designs as in amazing jewelry.

To study the costumes, the designer as he could not rely on photos mainly in black and white at the time, had to resort to other techniques such as reading articles in fashion magazines of the 1930s reporting what was trend. She herself notes that things said like: this is the color of fashion from Paris!. And of course, it also had that Search in the archives of Mademoiselle Chanel to find the perfect looks for Kristen Stewart (Ambassador of the maison) and Blake Lively.

Suzy Bezinger chose, among others, two dresses of time, one in cream color and another in Peach with hints on the studies of Chanel rose, faithfully recreated for the film. It also featured a wardrobe very full with all kinds of garments, shorts, pants and shoes. “He could not design the costumes for this film and not having Chanel. In the 20th century, Chanel was the personification of style, luxury and glamour. If I had to describe ‘Coffee Society’ had to wear Chanel. The signature is a vital part of the story”.

Chanel jewelry

Jewelry that Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively look, is another protagonist of the film. Chanel It has also provided spectacular pieces of jewelry of diamonds, sapphires, white gold and gold yellow, that you can see in this gallery that it has given us the brand. All necklaces, brooches, rings and earrings are timeless pieces that really embody the spirit of the universe represented by Woody Allen, the universe of Gabrielle Chanel. Through the use of these parts, the director tells the story and break with social conventions.

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Having worked with many of the top directors of photography in the world, Woody Allen has relied for this film in Vittorio Storaro, winner of three Oscars (Apocalypse Now, reds and The Last Emperor). “Photography in a film is very important for me to tell the story and Vittorio is a great artist,” says Allen. As a novelty, they rolled the film in digital format.


Set in the Hollywood of the 1930s, the tape tells the story of the young Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), whose biggest dream is to become a movie star. Bobby leaves New York and travels to the Mecca of cinema to meet his uncle (Steve Carrell) a powerful agent and Hollywood producer. There he falls for Vonnie, the beautiful Secretary of his uncle (Kristen Stewart). Then I leave the trailer. Estre date is this Friday August 26.