BLM-Fashion for Men and Women

by | April 25, 2016

The fashion changed over time but everybody can celebrate for that. Today the luxury hunch is for them. We received several messages asking for more female and male fashion tips. All though they are a little more shy, discreet, don’t most closely linked in the fashion universe and some even find it a tremendous mess around, but we can’t deny that every day can only grow their interest by the fashion world. Isn’t that right, boys? And since laziness is what we don’t have in our little bodies, we rolled the sleeves and leave for one more mission meet the requests from our readers! Guys, have you already know or heard on BLM??? For those who don’t know, the BLM is a trademark of Mato Grosso (that’s right, our neighbor’s Mato Grosso!), founded in 1996, and is currently one of the biggest industries of the Central-Western Brazilian clothing, specializing in fashion for men and women. The company has several stores and franchises throughout Brazil and here in Campo Grande (MS) already have two units, one in the Mall Bosque dos Ipês and another in the North Mall South Plaza.

We were invited to get to know better the BLM, their clothing, and what most attracted our attention was the motto adopted from the start by the company, a mission that is based on simplicity: “make it uncomplicated fashion, simplify life”! The focus of the BLM’s casual fashion, with designer, quality and – most importantly – fair price! Combining quality of raw materials, the brand has a strong urban, modern and practical content. The pieces have a light, comfortable, value modeling shapes and trends are never forgotten. So you can have an idea of how the BLM working with fashion ace, we made a point of assembling multiple looks with inflated precinho comrades: Basic t-shirts from R$29.99; Bermuda from R$89.99; pants from R$ 89.99 and shirts from R$89.99. Isn’t that amazing? There is fashion that fits in your pocket! Check out the Fashion Editorial that produce and look how it’s entirely possible to walk on fashion. The luxury guess is this: we are a blog of all and for all, without prejudice and always seeking to share with our readers the best in sight!