Born Amazon Handmade, a Marketplace with More Thousand Verified Craftsmen: Their Products, Their Stories and Their Inspiration

by | June 30, 2017

Amazon has been proposed to revolutionize the world of e-commerce. Even more than it had already done so far. Starting today, Amazon Handmade platform is available in Europe, where brings together, for the moment, more than 1,000 artisans, selling their products to the world. We have interviewed Javier Alvira, responsible for Amazon Marketplace Espana, and Eva Estévez, craft that is part of the project with its Encuire brand, to know all the details of this new.

What is Amazon Handmade?

Amazon Handmade is born today with already more than 30,000 products available for purchase online, that new items will continue to incorporate every day. The platform already exists since about a year on Amazon USA, and now joins the five European sites of the company (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain).

«Many craftsmen can convert his hobby in his office to be able to be known to millions of customers». François Saugier, Vice President of Amazon Seller Services Europe.

Amazon guarantees that all products are handmade, by craftsmen belonging to companies of fewer than 20 employees or less than 100 unions or individual. The craftsmen who want to be part of the platform can register through the Amazon website and his fitness will be assessed by the company.

The launch in Europe responds to the success of the operation in the United States, it notes that There is more demand for hand-made products, differential articles, individualized, special. We can keep buying products made in series, but increasingly want more decorate our House with a special piece or buy a bag that we know that you won’t have all the city.

What products you can buy on the new platform?

The products are divided into eight categories: jewelry, handbags and luggage, decoration, kitchen and dining room, party and stationery, works of art and decorative material, baby, and toys and games, divided in turn into subcategories.
Some of the examples that we can see are bags of fabric for flour produced in Canada, wood lamps handmade in Italy, collars for dogs designed in Andalusia or leather bags arrived directly from Malasaña.

Precisely with the creator of Encuire bags, Eva Estévez, have spoken to know why has decided to join the platform Amazon Handmade. «It took awhile considering expand me starting to sell outside of Spain and with Handmade and have the opportunity to sell across Europe, with the advantage that I have the confidence that gives Amazon buying».

What are the advantages of Amazon Handmade artisans and buyers?

We asked Javier Alvira by benefits for artisans. Notes us, first of all, the most obvious: having a sales platform like Amazon, who has spent 20 years defining e-commerce. “And also that the sale, to them, suppose the minimum effort and can focus on producing. To do this, there is a service to the seller 24 hours».

«Amazon Handmade presents three advantages over its competitors: the customization of the product, contact cliente-artesano and guarantees that the sold is authentically handmade». Javier Alvira, responsible for Amazon Marketplace España.

Also each craftsman can choose how to organize the logistics of your shipments. Well you can follow the standard method, by sending their own product to the purchaser; either can deposit their products prior to purchase, in the logistics platform from Amazon (in Spain is located in San Fernando de Henares), and, when those products are purchased, Amazon will send it to the client.

Amazon Handmade comes to threaten the hegemony in the field of crafts online Etsy. When ask about the advantages offered by Amazon Handmade on Etsy, Alvira points us, above all, three points: the possibility of personalising the product with up to 10 attributes differentiated for each order: color, material, initials, etc.; the possibility of being in direct contact with the craftsman and learn its history; and the guarantee that the sold is actually a product made by hand after a process of selection by Amazon.

Eva Estévez confesses that never persuaded him none of the other options available in the market to sell their products, so, until now, online sale was limited to its website, but experience from Amazon and their trust in the company now threw the balance in your favor.

The romanticism of the craft is not lost a bit to fit it into a giant of selling online like Amazon?

«I will be able to transmit the passion I put into each product, so that customer to buy something unique». Eva Estévez, creator of Encuire.

That’s a question that may arise in the minds of customers and, perhaps, also own craftsmen. Amazon has solved this possible inconvenience putting in contact the customer with the craftsman. Each seller will have a tab in which customers can read your history, your inspiration, details, in short, of the person after the article.

In addition, There is a verification process that allows to check that the product is actually made by hand, which, really, not always can be checked in the face to face. In addition, know the history of the seller also through the opinions on products and craftsmen.

But many times the artisans who do maintain that personalized service. For example, Eva Estévez tells us that he is redesigning their packaging, «so that those who receive my products feel the warmth and closeness of personal sale».