Brand Hype And Co: Are Bloggers Rich? Brain Amputated? Or, Where Is The Money For All The Expensive Stuff?

by | March 6, 2017

These are a few honest words. A bit too effectively, to platt. But you shall be informed. Until we yesterday this actually very enjoyable discussion at les mads discovered, was not really aware that in your heads will of course and when set also questions which concern us as well:

“Why can afford many blogger so such expensive labels, priorities are set incorrectly, these girls have rich Daddies or tick it simply not more clean? It only comes to dress, to the label “expensive” in prestige objects? Buy quality due to or solely because of the underlying name high-priced?” It would be almost presumptuous to assume, to be able to deliver on all the a generally valid answers. Certainly, I can speak here only for us for Sarah and me. And with us it looks like this:

Also we are Modebloggerinnen. Two girls so who love fashion and the written word. Therefore we concede also us at this point first of all a: all we speak to a larger meaning the clothing itself as some people other than those for the fashion just a functional means is intended. Of course our thoughts turn intensely fabrics and colors and materials – but not exclusively, because we are just so fond of, but also, because this is our profession. Fashion is the center of our lives during the day while working. Fortunately is still plenty of room for the really important things of in life, for other arts and music and love and good food. So: No, fashion bloggers have not only fashion in mind. It’s certainly a very terribly boring life as a pure fashion head life.

But why we tend to switch at some point from inexpensive to expensive? Acne from H & M, Stine Goya, for example, or on the critic’s favorite example:? And here must we reverse himself a little at the time. Of course that was not always the case and said it the evil, you could simply say: we eventually start because we are victims. Victims of consumerism, to creators. Because we infiltrated, influenced by the media and fellow bloggers, or simply because we want to be terribly hip. The truth is: debt is a human natural mix of various factors, also the above.

Chains such as H & M and Zara became my best friends while studying. And OMIS closet, thrift stores. I worked alongside as a bar aunt on festivals, JÄGERMEISTER and write every now and then lyrics. Had I stuffed my piggy bank at the end of the summer, I bought parts from H & M of the savings en masse, because I thought I would need it. Because I studied fashion and fashion was me to the heart. As plates. Like others just collecting model trains or Tupper-ware, so it was with me just funny clothes. Then I realized that this may be unwise: 30 T-Shirts in the Cabinet are to have, but not one longer than 3 weeks to can enjoy. I started to save favorite pieces. Three times bought anything off the rack, but only once, and for every three months in the month something that seemed born out of reach. Something that had to be saved. Not once have I regretted it, because when I moved to Berlin, I left fully several garbage bags with clothes – everything was washed out, running-in, secure pad or not simply more corresponded to my taste. The “favourites” live today with me. This Bill can so not be so wrong.

Now many grumble: “find all the same brands good buy just because it says the name on it”. Not true. I am quite gladly in Maduri mood when it comes to the sausage. I would, for example, never let an Isabel Marant shoe for 500 euros on my feet. Not a sneaker can be worth. Who wears it but, I don’t judge the. Because everyone can make with his own money, what he sees fit. How much must be worth something, that is a personal opinion, which allowed everyone to express. Basically I think: better have a Traumschuh and scratch everything together as ten cheap shoes, which become mouldy on the shelf and never so really happy. What is however happy, is also very ver ski end: my vans, 50 €treads, I love much more than 400€-minimarket shoes, the Sarah and I us at that time were allowed to seek out in Sweden.

Why but it must always Stine Goya, Wood Wood or of the Voo store? It must not always, this is wrong. Still basics are bought and we pay strong prices. But if a Stine Goya only as much as a dress from Zara dress made of silk with “fantastic” print in the sale and simply cannot be copied, then I suggest to. And this dress will then be given a very careful course on the rod. Maybe my grandchildren even at some point it forward. And then of course there the reward factor is: I can’t deny that’s different feels to go after hard work or a purchased order and to reward yourself. In a tidy store in which everything looks quite cute and not like mass production. It’s like with pretty underwear or Chanel lipstick: it’s on your own feeling, for you. You know how many hours of work into this single piece that you really did given what friends. And that feels good. Screw’s ego, it doesn’t matter. It comes not, others to make jealous, but that you do even good friends. Men would maybe buy a super grenades stereo. I just a sweater made of cashmere or angora. Because he feels soft. Is that perhaps the adult-be to do this? No idea. The quality is certainly not always in the foreground, that would be lying. Some things are just pretty, have a certain form, a specific pattern or color, which we were looking for so long. And on the subject of brands-Wahn: Yes, of course we are impressionable! Clearly, we are victims of fashion! At least some way. Stine Goya is beautiful, as is the general opinion. Does that mean that I only like the things? No, I can find too much ugly. But surely a few pieces I liked a bit more, because I know that is a Danish designer behind it and not a giant company. It is. No person in the world, it is not somehow important would spend so much money on a single part.

And what about sustainability? With the production of the pieces? We talked here in several texts, therefore, now no wide execution follows. Principle: than fashion bloggers are like we it would downright hypocritical to to insist that we, if we do buy it, just would buy expensive because the fair way of production, etc.. Of course not. We try to ensure, within a framework, which is possible, which means: in a context in which we nevertheless do without everything must not one hundred percent what is “correct”. It is a laborious Act to investigate every fire where the materials now really come from. Partly, this is impossible. You could do it, but this also we lack leisure, we are not good people. We support all the best we can, boycott but not all bad, if so, cheap chains such as Zara and co are meant.

But how can we afford all of this? Are bloggers about rich? No and Yes. There are certainly rich bloggers, we are not. Starving we don’t gnaw however also. Of course, my parents have jobs and earn money. But it’s not my money. I make my own. And maybe I’m a bit lucky: my beloved rooms for rent I pay for only very, very little, because I share it with my friend. Because we have us so much that the super and our roommate even allow this madness. Since then ever a little more left than at most. As that but I said: Sarah and I sale fans are also. A black acne dress for $500? No, there is no need, thank you. A black acne dress for €50 in the sale? Clearly, I would have paid so much in COS. But what many do not know: A blog is not the only source of income a blogger. Through this medium, even more orders and collaborations arise in the best case: trend forecasts for fashion shows, the planning of pop up store openings, etc. Here we act then in the background, very secretly like. And: we are not just also just bloggers, but also editors / authors for a few other online and print media, take care of the online presence of a German label. It all happened after we complete our Jane. All is not funny earned Bloggerleben, but hard work, that at least six days a week will cost us and work hours until late into the night. This is not a job that allows you to make 17: 00 closing time. It is so much one with all that there is even just a few moments in which one does not work. Nervous groom that is often, but this also unspeakably beautiful. Anyway, when it came in has grown with so much passion in the whole thing as we, when dreams of life. And Yes, then you may enjoy even what.

And yet we buy everything even us. Of course, there are brands that we like to see in their clothing. We are not inundated with outfits, but once in a while we may find us a few parts. This is the case, we have no problem to tell you. We appreciate gifts finally just as much as you.