Bushido Is No Good boy – Nevertheless, He Should Get a Bambi.

Rene Schaller and Sascha Pietsch were us once again pointed out doing with their lyrics, that over there at the Bambi jurors something does not run correctly. Bushido, through which you can music technically certainly think what man wants to, is today tonight is likely to Slacken heads held high on the red carpet and stroking at the end even a golden fawn. Excellent he should be, Yes. For his services in the name of integration. So far so good. Or better: questionable. Because what our Mister as in the bed sitting there, half-naked you dirty piece „-Gangster boy still all so committed, is consistently swept under the sofa – and that, although even a blind man can hear where the rabbit long runs.

Homophobic, misogynistic and Yes, therefore also inhuman texts for years bubbled from brain and mouth of the rapper who was born in Bonn. The Greens Claudia Roth joins the ranks of critics and condemned the decision of the jury. The Lesbian and gay (LSVD) protested. Thousands of Facebook users do the same now and discuss violently on the page arrangement special “no Bambi for Bushido” with. The nomination of the Rüpels is so media.

Burda takes position:

“Thank you for the many opinions to the ceremony of the BAMBI on Bushido.” We find this exchange of good and important. It is clear that an artist as he is strongly polarized. Responsible, the BAMBI distance themselves clearly from any form of discrimination.

Yet: music is an art form, the conscious taboo break a stylistic device of rape – like it one or not. Personally it takes a colorful itself ever more prominent, for example in the morning appearing: “I have built much crap in my life and has been punished for what was okay. Because as I pulled my teachings. I don’t do drugs have long, I do not smoke, drink alcohol, I’m acting politely and respectful other people – and that I want also my environment.” Or also in May 2011 in the “time”: “there is world-wide principles: all people are only once OK, no matter where they come from, no matter what they do no matter whether they are the same sex.”

Can you so sit on this issue between the chairs, Burda could be right? Some say Yes. Every person deserves a second chance, it is there, for example. Or „ maybe he has changed “. Yes, maybe he did. And Yes, everyone can start over and also a Bushido is not only a bad boy, but also sometimes a good and perhaps even likeable, then and when. And: deserves respect. Just maybe it’s too early for an award of an alleged change of mind. We simply lack the evidence. Bushido fans, instead of questioning, exactly live, what their model years are about what we have to do lyrics, the women, lesbians, gay and marginalized victims of verbal violence are all that remains, has spoken. What is more important? Respect for Buschidos work, or respect for the feelings of all those who are sitting, because they had to fight for far too long with anger in the belly and lack of understanding in the head in front of the TV and now once again be disappointed?

You know how we answer this question. And everyone, Mr of his sense is that should also.

(Sarah will be tonight at the Bambi. I wonder what will they tell.)