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True Religion Winter 2013 Collection

The winter 2013 True Religion has everything that pleases the man: dark denim, shirts xedrezes with cold tones, shirts and t-shirts in earth tones, sweatshirts with a vintage look and confotáveis vests nylon. The modeling more loose of the jeans should please anyone who is not a big fan of skinny, but this does not mean that the models… Read more »

The Look Right: for the Warmth of Spring

As it seems that the spring 2015 decided to disguise summer 2016, the suggestions of combinations to the station must be the lightest possible, appealing to the clothes short and airy with an overlap that don’t suffocate. In this case the look this week meets the paper, see below: Why does it work? A combination of… Read more »

Care for Plastic Surgeons

There is always something we want to change in our body: a big nose, a big ear, a belly that does not go out of the blue. All this ends up generating great dissatisfaction in the human being and ends up being reflected in his daily life, in the interaction with his co-workers, with his friends… Read more »

The Baggy Jeans for Katie Holmes, Now with Boots

We’ve seen combined with all kinds of sandals, ballerinas, and pumps, and now is approaching the new season, and well aware that has created a trend which has become universal and that all the special winter echo, Katie Holmes try to cover their feet to see that it remains such that boots with style boyfriend… Read more »

Hayden Panettiere: between Lady and Femme Fatale

Arrives September: starts College, resumes work, stuns us bombardment of winter trends and (fortunately) back series. And with them, always hand in hand, as happens in the film, endless promotions, that showcase media whereby celebrities with more pull walk to show off new models and Palm.

Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio 2017 begins today and you need to be prepared to enjoy and survive in the new rock city. We are experts in Rock in Rio and Rock in Rio 2017 could not be different. So we took some doubts that rolled into the group of Modices on Facebook and some that came up here… Read more »