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5 Styling Tricks of Lena Gercke

As a juror at the casting show “Das Supertalent”, model Lena Gercke (26) looking for people with exceptional qualities of the show. She convinced us with her talent for sexy Eyecatcher looks. Our site decrypts the secret of her style. Model, presenter and super stylish wife: That Lena Gercke has a penchant for sexy outfits,… Read more »

How to Customize Jeans at Home

Your favorite pants are élime? Need a lot of material to give a big bang… Of the simple color yarn and a needle may be enough! To customize jeans in a clever way, follow the steps in our Do It Yourself with Swildens *.

Alber Elbaz and Acne Jeans

Alber Elbaz, with his round glasses and allure of greedy little boy observes women. Hidden behind the window of the Lanvin shop, he immersed himself in their image and managed to identify their desires, often well before they formulate. Thus was imposed on him the need to draw the denim, to print the Lanvin touch to this… Read more »

Jeans Plus Size – Make The Seat Check

The perfect jeans in larger sizes must definitely one can: sit perfectly. The denim jeans is a classic and THE favorite among pants. Why it is like that? Pretty simple: because it makes a good figure. Due to its flexibility, fit, their longevity and durability, it is particularly sought after.   Jeans Jeans was the beginning of the 19th… Read more »