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Leggings for Baby Boy

Before, I thought to wear leggings children during the day, came back to let them in pajamas. And I hate to see kids in pajamas the day! Since they were born, I never left my children in pajamas the day, from my perspective, I find it important that it makes the difference between day (we dress) and… Read more »

Ban on Leggings

Xtract press January 2013 article-today the “Legging” or skinny Jeans are in vogue. Through Dakar and its suburbs, in any part of the way, the girls wear them to show off their physique in public. These ‘sexy’ outfits that reflect faithfully the fitness of young girls, are rampant. Even the “Diongoma” wear and the example… Read more »

Leggings are Not Pants

We encounter everywhere in the streets, dressed girls leggings walking without worrying that this way of dressing could shocked the “sensitivity” of some people. Formerly it was boxers in the form of sticky we wore under other garments. But this is no longer the case, it is now worn as pants.

How to Combine Leggings

By homegrown star like Alessia Marcuzzi, Celebrity Nina and controversial Nicole Minetti, to famous faces of the international star system like Lindsay Lohan who has even decided to create his entire clothing line dedicated to this head, everywhere is leggings craze.

How to Match Jeggings

What are they and how to match jeggings? Discover it with us with lots of info and trivia! They are practical, young and very easy to match. What are? The “jeggings”, the new frontier of fashion when it comes to pants, the natural evolution of leggings and a step ahead of classic jeans! WHAT ARE JEGGINGS? The jeggings are leggings jeans light effect, and therefore particularly… Read more »

Leggings Styling Tips

Leggings are one of the most popular trousers and are likely to be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. No wonder: The Strechhosen are super comfortable, can be combined versatile and look really good – provided you follow a few key styling rules, because otherwise the silver bullet Leggings is also fast times backfired. We have brought… Read more »

Great Leggings Outfits

THE LEGGINGS – ALSO FOR WOMEN WITH FEMININE CURVES SUITABLE WONDERFUL Women with curves must not shy away from leggings! They can also wear beautiful and trendy leggings outfits. It is only important to consider a few little tips here, so as not to use the cliche moderate image. Do you have a somewhat stronger stature, then you… Read more »

How to Match Leggings

The leggings are just a few fine, especially if misused! The fashion tips for wearing leggings without having style! The leggings are one of the most practical garments ever but also the most dangerous! They look good and also to those who might wear them without any risk often fall into the most common mistake of all: consider them pants! To be certain to… Read more »