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Spring 2011 Trends: Colors for Lips and Nails

If I had to choose a lip color for the spring would be the Rosa. In its entire colour range, from soft pink glitter, sweet cake, a daring, powerful Fuchsia raspberry, even a fluorine. All within the same Spring trend: the Honeysuckle. Even in his more unobtrusive version, the pink tone can not miss.

This Lingerie Angels Are Too Skinny

The current “Victoria’s secret”-campaign in the advertise super thin models under the slogan “The perfect body” for a new line of BRA, heated tempers. After numerous protests on Twitter an online petition urges now the U.S. lingerie manufacturer, to apologize and to rethink the marketing strategy. That “Victoria’s secret” can be presented from his sexy… Read more »

These Necklines Are Doppel-D(iamanten)

On December 2, when the “Victoria’s secret”-Engel to London via the catwalk hover, there will be a double surprise: for the first time, the million-dollar fantasy bra is presented by two sexy Angels! This year’s Victoria’s secret event is absolutely steeped in history for the manufacturer of the hot panties! Thus, the sexy lingerie show… Read more »

Heidi’s Hot Panties

Now you can wear Heidi Klum (41) Bras, panties & string Tangas. Together with the New Zealand lingerie manufacturer Bendon, Germany’s model-MOM now has her first own lingerie collection called Heidi Klum intimates designed – and Elle MacPherson (50) that snapped a 25 year-old million dollar deal! Model, MOM, presenter, shoe designer, face: What can… Read more »

How Do I Find the Perfect Sports Bra?

A good sitting bra for women is the most important piece of clothing at the sport – no matter how big or small is the bosom. It pulls, pushes and tweaks? We reveal what is in the ideal workout bra. Can you still remember the slogan, campaigned with the tennis player Anna Kournikova (33) for… Read more »

Victoria’s Secret Fly Away the Angels

For the football outfit in which the model Cara Delevingne (22) last about the “Victoria BB´s secret” catwalk floated, there was great applause. This year she still no longer is. She is not the only one, even Toni Garrns (22) participation has not been confirmed. Are the models better at the end? Ball loss to… Read more »

Wearing a Bra

If you must wear a bra, choose without whales and wide enough to not be too tight. Try wearing your bra as little as possible and massage your breasts once you have released them. In any case, you should sleep with your bra. If you are worried to leave pointing your nipples, (amazing even when we agree to see bra… Read more »

Why We Should not Wear Bra

What dream women? I realize that for many of them, their secret dream during the day is to think about what they can do as soon as arrivals at home: drag the hands in the back, approaching them naked skin and catch the clip of their bra. And… to remove it! Let their free breasts! They can swing without… Read more »

How to Choose Your Panties

Panties, Panties, Thong, Thong, Body Panties … What Value to put me in? We always want to have beautiful buttocks is not it? They are put in the best possible value … So why must you choose the right form.But it is less easy as it looks, then obviously we will not let you down! With… Read more »

BESTAAH Maternity Clothes

The online store Bestaah is dedicated to the future and young mothers wishing to dress pregnant, in a chic and elegant spirit. Buy his office pregnant woman’s pants, dress the future mother dresses, original pregnancy ups, fine maternity lingerie, jackets for the mother, cardigans maternity and jewelry bola pregnancy on-dressing is a guarantee of quality and… Read more »

How to Choose Bras When Pregnancy

PErpetual changing nine months and often subjected to hardships, our body of pregnant woman needs underwear fun to wear and adapted to these changes. Result, you will agree that we therefore need to focus on comfort and quality of optimum support for the chest. To not make missteps, Sophie Brabant mama NANA explains how to choose lingerie… Read more »

Dita Von Teese and Wonderbra

Who else, besides the pulpy and fetish Dita Von Teese, could embody the glamor for Wonderbra old stained sexy irreverence which both sell these days? After a quick tour, the response falls: nobody. That is why, after playing her charms in a show at the Crazy Horse, the fair has been offered the artistic direction of several… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Maternity Bra

Woman during pregnancy varies. Not only the character and sides, but especially the breasts. At the beginning of pregnancy, women tend to pay attention to the first changes most often happens between the sixth and eighth week of pregnancy. Breasts and nipples begin to grow and breast veins become more prominent. Breast accompanied by hormonal changes throughout pregnancy but… Read more »

Triumph Sports Bras Reviews

A properly fitting bra is one of the absolutely indispensable fashion basics every woman. The search for the personal dream model can make sometimes difficult. Fortunately, there are renowned label like the traditional German home triumph. The successful underwear manufacturers have known for over 125 years with a unique mix of high quality to inspire perfect fit… Read more »

How to Buy a Good Quality Corset

It could be said that the corset was the first formal piece of lingerie styling. Through the centuries was used by the women of the world (from Europe) to make tiny waists and straight posture of a Queen by dint of compression of organs and ribs. Fortunately, nowadays you can shape your waist and smooth… Read more »