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Wide and Printed, So Are New Pants

No one said that follow the trends would be easy. Long skirts, pleats, animal print, fluorine palettes, color block… There are many fads that come to stay a few seasons and therefore difficulties in bringing a certain trend. And, although the skinny jeans are still the Kings in female closets, there is another pants model… Read more »

Waterproof PVC Pants

Depending on the type of incontinence, the protection may become insufficient and be traversed by the liquid. In this case, you can enhance its effectiveness in carrying over a PVC pants. The material plastic that composes it is completely waterproof and eliminates any risk of leakage. This model underwear is suitable in case of urinary or fecal incontinence, especially in… Read more »

The Skirts

The skirt length makes legs and torso is long or short. How long the skirt is cut? A straight skirt with box pleat front receives a slight A-line shape that makes slender. Waist high and mid-length extended this rock the hip-knee-zone, but shortens the knee-foot zone. Higher heels same from this. Finally proportional still of… Read more »