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Lauren Conrad Knows That Shirts Tartan

If yesterday we saw how not wear the shirt tartan of the season, the hand of Mary-Kate Olsen, who argued for the oversized at the highest level, we have today the opposite side, a more fitted shirt, without being tight but just to draw the line.

10 Fashion Rules by Guido Maria Kretschmer

There would be a ministerial position for fashion only Guido Maria Kretschmer (49) could fulfill this Office with dignity, charm and competence. The designer and TV presenter now wrote his second fashion Advisor, an amusing guide through the ladies wardrobe with numerous styling tips such as only GMK can bring them to the woman. “A… Read more »

How to Buy a White Shirt

What determines if a shirt is of good quality or not? And what is the difference between an ordinary white H & M shirt for 200 kronor from a white shirt from Harvie & Hudson for 900 crowns?

How to Wear the Cardigan?

When I Planchais on philosophy essays, I always began my introduction by making a heartfelt sentence on popular thought is to say, the general opinion, or at least, most shared on the topic. It avoided me to go through to hang empty phrases as a “Throughout history men” who tirelessly give your teacher the sudden and… Read more »

Emanuel Berg Dress Shirt

November 30, 2012 / by Geoffrey Heath34 comments William, that France is developing the brand of shirts tailor-made Emmanuel Berg (originally German brand), we proposed to test its products. So it’s true before that had already heard you of several similar services of made-to-measure shirts. But it had not yet had the opportunity to feel of the (really) high-quality other than ready-to-wear. Now… Read more »

APC Madras

Jean Touitou, the founder of APC, lover of practical minimalism and stylistic evidence, has the gift to seduce the avid fashionista sharp basics, giving it a flawless look not without a certain freshness. So when it joined – in 2002 – with Jessica Ogden (a British designer follower of ethnic prints and vintage cuts) to launch… Read more »

Alexander Wang for Uniqlo

Last December, Uniqlo invested French soil, offering us the opportunity to enjoy its legendary quality T-shirts, jeans worthy of his Levi’s and its cashmeres at bargain prices. Far from stopping there, the king of the Japanese hype has decided to invite her in the most “in” Rays of the New York artists (who squats our stylistic… Read more »

T-Shirts Hype Our Site

In March, news our site is obviously cannibalized by the fifth collection of Kate Moss out in recent days. However, the locker room proposed by Miss Moss is a mix rock / bohemian fashionnement correct and no surprises, it is with pleasure that we discover in the trendy concept store British collaboration a crispier nothing to… Read more »

How to Wear a Red Checked Shirt

Plaid shirt – comes from the male wardrobe of women for some time feel fine. Simplicity and flexibility – here are the main advantages. But while they and a male character in the right way, socks can be very feminine. Shirt in the cage underscores our frailty and makes it elegant and casual at the… Read more »


It is desperately seeking a fur vest both trendy and very easy that we fell in love with Swildens, this little shoe that never stops rising, and for a few seasons accept the codes of a fashion simplicity high grade addictive… This fur vest with tangled hair and starry lining was offered a tour of… Read more »

How to Prevent T-Shirt Shrinking

Would you have guessed that the treatment agent for laundry shrunk t-shirt is still possible to restore the correct size? Try this inventive tips of wholesaleably. The website helps you get a tip inventive washing fall in t-shirt form again. Conditioner for hair washing in fact, can still save favorite apparel, as it softens the fibers,… Read more »

Fashion T Shirts for the Whole Family

Daddies, mommies, chicks, aunties … get ready because today our post is about the whole family! You’ve noticed how the trend of children’s clothes inspired by adult fashion is becoming increasingly strong and gradually comes conquering all generations? Many brands have manufacture clothes identical, or similar, often in adult and child sizes. So, mothers, fathers and sons can… Read more »

Polo Shirts for Big Men

According to holidaysort, a polo shirt is more formal and slightly upscale than a T-shirt. When it comes to sport, the polo shirt is not always casual and laid back. More and more people tend to wear polo shirts for workout. Polo shirts are often associated with tennis and golf, which are gentleman sports. Therefore,… Read more »