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The Attack of The Pleated Skirts

If someone had not be realized yet, long skirts and midi are the Queens of this summer. We are already seeing them with dancers to emulate a Natalie Portman in Black Swan, with male shoes and knitted garments, and even in the most Gothic version with black scarves and creepers .

Orange Is the New Black!

The color orange is one of the most important trends for this autumn. And in contrast to the eternal black makes also has really good mood. Our site reveals five styling tips, pay attention. 1 orange to neutral colors combine Ever knalliger that the colors of the other outfits should be orange, the more discreet.… Read more »

Dress Skirts

Women are often looking for the perfect outfit, in front of their dressing room to think about what top might well join what skirt to concoct a cute outfit. And if there was a garment that combines the allure of the skirt with the comfort of the dress without having to consider other agreements than those of… Read more »

The Skirts

The skirt length makes legs and torso is long or short. How long the skirt is cut? A straight skirt with box pleat front receives a slight A-line shape that makes slender. Waist high and mid-length extended this rock the hip-knee-zone, but shortens the knee-foot zone. Higher heels same from this. Finally proportional still of… Read more »

Chloe Sevigny for Uniqlo

Uniqlo since moved to the outskirts of Paris, we can talk about his actions without risking falling into frustration. It is with pleasure that we discover their new limited series, where one can discover the work of artists such as Keith Haring and Basquiat. To complete the operation, Uniqlo has chosen as the very underground muse Chloe… Read more »

Chiffon Pleated Mini Skirt

Here is one of the trend for the summer 2016: trousers and pleated skirts for the warm season for sophisticated looks and fresh that will make you perfect in every occasion! The pleats are among the trends the coolest summer 2016 and is applied by designers on the entire wardrobe, so as to give the leaders a jaunty and sophisticated allure : a… Read more »