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Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Love, career, health – that’s why it goes in most horoscopes. The stars influence but also our style of dress. What is now on the shooter in fashion? Our site tell you. Typical shooter: They are versatile, optimistic and enterprising. In terms of fashion, that is: try new things, but remain on the carpet. Style:… Read more »

Types of Wool for Sweaters

The animal material Wool is a material number of winter. Insulation, hot, strong, crease resistant, qualities of this material are numerous. Besides, we should not say the “wool” but “wool” as there are many types of animals originating from the most common to the most particular.

How to Wear the Cardigan?

When I Planchais on philosophy essays, I always began my introduction by making a heartfelt sentence on popular thought is to say, the general opinion, or at least, most shared on the topic. It avoided me to go through to hang empty phrases as a “Throughout history men” who tirelessly give your teacher the sudden and… Read more »

Classic Cardigan Sweaters

A cozy sweater and a cardigan include in any full winter wardrobe. Finally, the two fashion classic look of always chic and warm at that wonderful. Discovered now, in which colors and variants Basic Pieces coming season particularly in vogue and find out how you combined the classic especially trendy!

Dandies Are Exposed at Dior

It is now proven: the Dandy spirit will literally infuse our wardrobes for the coming winter. Whether man’s jacket or coat, it will master the subject of sophisticated and masculine elegance. When the leg eph’ or blazer back in fashion, the fashionista has to put them to feel the wind. It is different when it’s an… Read more »