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Morphology and Swimwear

RIMA you offering to help you in the often difficult choice that accompanies the heyday: the swimsuit. At each morpho his Jersey. First, we need to choose the style, because swimsuits follow the trends of the summer and you have the choice: micro bikini in crochet chic baba (Stella McCartney), 1 piece to the graphic, clean… Read more »

Best Swimwear for Small Breasts

With the arrival of the hot season before the girls with small tits faces the problem of choosing a swimsuit. Because you want to look most attractive, proportionate and flatten disadvantage derived from nature. Moreover, it is no secret that all small bust anyway, aims to visually increase it. Today, designers offer such a wide choice of models… Read more »

Tips on Choosing a Swimsuit

Although scantily clothing, bathing suit can really hide flaws and highlight the advantages. So it is nice to know a few tips before you go to the beach. Firstly it is not recommended to use a swimsuit more than 1-2 season. The fabric becomes thinner, the shape changes straps do not stick so well, fastening… Read more »

High-waisted Bikinis Cheap

Now we’re really ready to dive into a summer that is becoming hotter and hot. This weekend I also have been to the beach (finally!) And I wore a new suit just purchased. You know that my retro soul never leaves me, in fact I made a careful research before deciding to whom to entrust my bikini… Read more »

Swimwear H&M Review

H & M finally offers us images of its new advertising campaign dedicated to the line of swimwear for next summer and staying even at the first shots, it seems that the Swedish brand economic fashion has every intention to conquer!Maybe the real purpose of the brand is also reminding us that can do a great job regardless of collaborations with high-sounding names, for… Read more »

Buy Men’s Swimwear Online

The beauty of swimwear is not only that you can examine your painstakingly shaped body, but that you can wear your sense of style right to the show. Because only with a bathing suit clad, leaves little possibility to sit properly in the scene. The perfect swimsuit is needed.   The right men’s swim shorts for… Read more »

Mix and Match your Swimwear

Every woman will find her favorite swimwear in our online shop, and we will continue to collect the most attractive swimwear for women. We also offer the bikini top and panties separately, with which you can mix and match them for a refresh look. Different styles and patterns of all sizes enable us to invent… Read more »