Cleaning without Polluting with Microfiber Cloth

The arrival of spring is spring cleaning time and since I talked about eco-moms I continue to develop the topic with some insights to clean without polluting the environment and without poison our houses where we and our children we spend so many hours. The use of detergents and potentially toxic can increase the “sick building syndrome” (Sick Building Syndrome, SBS).

In these days I ordered from a store online, which I discovered by accident through google ads, Our site some things, in the parcel there was even a box of special microfibre cloth that on the site were lauded as miraculous and different than those on the market, I have tried many types and I was really curious to see what they had these special so I got started right away.

The package consists of a bag in organic cotton with water-color printing very bad, that I will recycle as Potpourri bag per glass, toothbrush and toothpaste for children for kindergarten, inside the bag there are three medium sized shoes in three neutral colors but have a consistency and a thickness that I had never seen before, velvety look and are very thick and plush , they almost look like deerskin.

Preparation is the usual: before using them for the first time you have to boil them for a few minutes, I found them even softer and I decided to use them to clean glass and Windows inside and out, to my house this is a really challenging job because I live in a detached house and not tell you on the outside as they get dirty my white aluminum Windows and glasses , between the rain, dust, ground and nasate of my dogs and cats…

Just because it’s a demanding job I decided to add a little bit of Apple Cider vinegar to the water in which I used a little dip cloths wrung for the first pass and one very wrung for drying and already the first pass I was amazed at the result! The stains and dirt came away without any effort, glasses came perfectly and the drying cycle has finished its work.

On Chenurio shall ensure that they are very resistant and find me to see them around the House, as all promises were kept so far I have no reason not to believe it and I won with 14.50 € a great cleaning method, for all surfaces, no chemical pollutants and without adding water and, in case of stubborn dirt, a few tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar. It seems a good buy.