Controversial Editorial:”Lost In Translation” – Wrong Homeless In The Antidode Magazine

Currently, Germany has nearly 2.8 million unemployed. There no longer are so many decades in the United States. The bitterness of this reality seems the French magazine “antidote” but not stopping, to creating fun such living conditions as the inspiration for a fashion editorial. shows outraged if this tactless dealing with sad, but yet existing social circumstances. Right to?

The fashion world knows no limit, provocation is part of everyday business: whether children models, which with much makeup and curlers lovely faces of vermeindlich 20 years conjured up or “thickness „, under the title “tons of fun” as of course are displayed. As well as no one seems to be shocked by such degree hiking. Deadening a explain, others dealing with extremes by the ruling maybe dearth in less harmful climes – it has been just about there. Must but still she next possible boundary be exceeded? Must everything be radical even to stand out? Obvious. Because we at this point had not reported on a series of photographs it finally – it seems so go on this concept.

Speaking of concept: be homeless by the “antidote” magazine with these images actually frowned upon, their pride is pulled through the mud? Benign will now head shake and, as always, looking for the sense. The sense that could for example look like: „, we show the unworldly deluded fashion vultures once how much expensive clothes really is good, namely nothing. If you’re on the ground, then also Chanel will not save you”. Or: “Yes, you can see because not the criticism, which permeates every single image? The contrasting worlds of values and the lifestyle of second layers, which could not be more different?” the intended ridiculousness of fashion so? Quite possible, that those responsible for this range with the very aptly titled “lost in translation „, Creative Director Yann Weber and stylist Belén Casadeval, that really brought mess with good intentions in the role. For me, the two men’s bounce however against a very skeptical wall. Working with homeless people or even alcoholics, so as pussy cross mountain does indeed very provocative but with meaning and purpose, is only appropriate if the protagonists do not belong to a tatscählichen reality if some professional models, whose daily budget exceeds any homeless dream, just pretend as if they were a pretty dirty, hard day. Here, this isn’t grandstanding, otherwise. Applause, because us you got even so, dear Antidode magazine.



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52 best homeless images on Pinterest