Copy The Style Christmas of Ashlee Simpson: Day and Night Looks Looks

by | April 8, 2018

Youngest sister of Jessica Simpson It passes these holidays with your family, like the rest of us. She also has a cute little boy. For a long time that he saw no pictures of it, and had not seen his new pixie-style haircut, much like Emma Watson.

The Ashlee Simpson style improves more than of his sister. As is the case with Nicky Hilton, the discretion and live in the shadow of your sister seems to help make more wise decisions with your costumes.

And reviewing their looks during these Christmas, they have seemed to me of the most inspiring, for both day and night. A perfect collection of ideas for dress in style at Christmas. Here are some of their looks.

Casual looks of Ashlee Simpson day

Ashlee is still addicted to the women coogi and to the Leggings. As much carried the baggy pants, she continues by maxis silhouettes above and below. Looking for comfort, choose dancers and boots for your feet.

Although their outfits are simple, she knows how to touch fashion with the Add-ins, scarves, caps, long earrings, brand handbags are part of his personal stamp.

I liked mostly the idea of wearing print maxijersey with black Leggings and high heels. An elegant look without appearing too ready.

To look dresses, She chooses leather jackets and long cardigans. And dispensing with absurd fashions pass stockings in winter or look impossible heels, she shows dresses of flowers or pictures are great with thick black stockings and boots.

Night of Ashlee Simpson looks

At night, Ashlee Simpson It is more fixed. Even so, their outfits are still fairly simple. A Black Blazer It is an essential piece for the night, and I love the combines with a sequin skirt.

And the single little black dress win in elegance with Golden accessories. I sign the kitsch of his outstanding touch with the Chanel logo.

The truth is that the long earrings they are great with short hair, do not you think?.