East America

By | December 1, 2022

Bustling metropolises such as New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington DC, but also the world-famous waterfalls of Niagara Falls and the particularly charming Lancaster County and the lakes around Michigan and Chicago. A holiday in East America actually offers everything.

Most beautiful places in East America

According to growtheology, East America is made up of the District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin. Many people think of New York City as the highlight of this area, but all states have their own unique highlights and attractions that make them more than worth a visit. And because you can always be from the busy cities in the middle of overwhelming nature reserves within a few hours of travel or vice versa, a holiday in East America is truly a holiday for everyone!

Indian Summer

Because of the impressive colors of nature in the Indian Summer, autumn is the ideal time for nature lovers to visit East America for a holiday. Drive for hours through the most intense autumn colors and enjoy the unique view. The average temperature of 20 degrees also makes autumn, just like spring, a perfect time to discover this part of the United States.

Magical Caves in East America

You should actually visit Apostle Islands National Lake Shore in Wisconsin at least twice: in the winter and in the summer. This protected part of Lake Michigan consists of 21 islands, beaches and forests. Erosion has created countless caves in the colorful rocks, which have been given a special appearance by weather, wind and waves. In the summer it is great to visit by kayak and in the winter you can walk through the imposing ice caves that are created.

Water, nature and city

Water lovers can indulge themselves in many places on holiday in East America. Countless lakes and rivers offer every opportunity to enjoy the water. Like in Cleveland ( Ohio ), which, like Buffalo, is on Lake Erie. Relax by the water, enjoy nature or explore the city. You will find the perfect mix for your holiday here.

Great Lakes State

Subsequently, the state of Michigan is almost completely surrounded by the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. With more than eleven thousand large and small lakes within its borders, Michigan can rightfully call itself the ‘Great Lakes State’. Water is never far away here!

From picturesque St. Ignace, take the ferry to Mackinac Island, where cars are not allowed and people travel by horse and buggy. This not only gives a sense of tranquility, it also takes you back to earlier times. A unique experience during your holiday in East America.

Breathtaking sand dunes, unique flora and fauna and many deep blue lakes can be found in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. Do you want more action on the water during your holiday in East America? Which can! Water skiing, kayaking, boating, swimming or fishing, Michigan brings it all.

Would you like to start your journey with a visit to one of the impressive metropolises in the region? For example, start in Washington DC with its political and cultural history and see if ‘Mister President’ is in the White House. Or visit Philadelphia, a city with a very rich history, which you can experience in Independence Hall, for example.

History and Politics of East America

Would you like to start your holiday in East America with a visit to one of the impressive metropolises in the region? For example, start in Washington DC with its political and cultural history and see if ‘Mister President’ is in the White House. Or visit Philadelphia, a city with a very rich history, which you can experience in Independence Hall, for example.


Find the roots of the Dutch immigrants in the town of Holland with its Holland Museum and the Holland Farmers Market. How nice is it as a Dutchman to visit the town of Holland during a holiday in East America?

More American history can be found in Grand Rapids, at the Gerald R. Ford Museum, dedicated to the 38th president of the USA.

The fact that the French also had their influence in this region in the past is reflected in towns such as Marquette and Charlevoix. And in Flint you can see the remnants of the once thriving auto industry in this city.

Visit Amish in East America

Like Lancaster County in Pennsylvania , Nappanee is a great place to get to know the Amish and the way they live their lives. Horse and carriage that find their way between the cars and many old buildings often determine the streetscape. You feel like a guest in American history.

The same goes for Gettysburg, where the biggest battle of the American Civil War took place in 1863. In the hills surrounding this city, declared a national monument, are gigantic cemeteries that remind of those dark days, when about 51,000 soldiers lost their lives. An impressive place.

Civil war

The town of Frederick in Maryland is also best known for the Civil War and its Historic District, which measures no less than 40 blocks. Just an hour’s drive from Washington DC, a nice trip during a city trip on your East America holiday.

Sights during Holiday East America

During your holiday in East America you will visit iconic cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Washington DC. East America also has a lot to offer in terms of nature, such as the world-famous Niagara Falls and the lakes around Michigan and Chicago. A holiday in East America offers a variety of everything and you will not get bored easily!

New York

It is clear that New York City is by far the biggest attraction in the state. Yet the state of New York offers much more than just The Big Apple. How about Niagara Falls, the overwhelming waterfalls. Experience the power of the water during a cruise and enjoy the spectacular view. But a visit to Rochester – including the photography museum in the George Eastman House – on the south shore of Lake Ontario is also well worth it. Just like the imposing Adirondack Mountains NP. A mountain range with no less than 42 peaks higher than 1,200 meters and overwhelming nature on the flanks and in the valleys. On the north shore of Lake Erie, Buffalo is the gateway to Canada. A visit to this city can easily be combined with a visit to Niagara Falls.

Indy 500

The state of Indiana has benefited greatly from its central location in its development. Capital Indianapolis was at the heart of the ‘industrial axis’ between New York and Chicago and quickly became an important hub. That Indianapolis still is, is proven by the beautiful skyline with its mix of historic and modern buildings.

Memorial Circle is centrally located in the city, where the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument is located. Other city highlights include the Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana World War Memorial Plaza, and the nearly 200 city parks, museums, and historic districts. But perhaps the city is best known for its annual Indy 500 car races!

South Bend in Indiana is also well worth a visit. South Bend has several particularly beautiful and impressive buildings that you can visit, such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the University of Notre Dame. Or delve into the history of a now-defunct car brand at the Studebaker National Museum.


Wisconsin is the milk and cheese state of America. The capital, Madison, has been called the ‘most livable city’ in the country. Probably due to the relaxed atmosphere that hangs in this university city. Although Milwaukee is not the capital of Wisconsin, it is the most populous city in the state. The hometown of the men behind the Harley Davidson motorcycles and home to one of the largest music festivals in the world. Just outside the city you can imagine yourself in the Netherlands during the Kermis Dutch Festival in Little Chute.

Architecture enthusiasts can visit Taliesin and the estate of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Spring Green.

Route 66

To the west of East America lies Chicago, also known as The Windy City. On the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, this vibrant city offers world-renowned architecture and an abundance of culture, art and music. But the city of Chicago, in the state of Illinois , is also known as the starting point of the famous Route 66 that eventually ends in Los Angeles.

That same Route 66 also runs through Springfield. A town that is definitely worth visiting. Not only is it the ‘Gateway to the Great Outdoors’, you will find many historic buildings and museums that take you back to the days of the pioneers.

Open Air Museum

With its amazing mix of historic buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and glittering skyscrapers, Philadelphia can be described as an open-air museum. The city is the cradle of American history, but also of the famous ‘Philly Cheese Steak’. A sandwich with warm meat, bell pepper, onion and lots of cheese. You must have tasted it!

Pittsburgh is also worth a visit. The city with no less than 446 bridges, all of which connect downtown with the other districts, are yellow in color. Or rather Aztec Gold, together with black the official colors of Pittsburgh. Derived from the stripes on the uniform of the city’s namesake: William Pitt, the Briton who liberated Fort Duquesne from the French during the Seven Years’ War.


Another pearl you can visit in Maryland during your East America holiday – and is even closer to ‘Capital City’ – is Annapolis. Located on the water, the ‘sailing capital of America’ offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports, shopping, delicious food and drink, history and beautiful nature.

And with that, it really embodies everything that Northeast America has to offer. So rent a car or camper and discover this historic and adventurous region!

Great Lakes State