Emulating Mr. Darcy… Planted This Fall with Your Favorite Animal!

by | May 18, 2017

For all the lovers (in which I include myself) of the film Bridget Jones: Now you can already emulate to Marc Darcy on Christmas day. That what I mean? The jersey style ‘looser’ and ‘nerd’ who wore the guaperrimo (if I know, I have love) Mr. Darcy now is fashion. If he was that wore like never before a reindeer on the front of its jersey, now the catalogue of animals It varies according to the tastes of each.

Dare and looks this peculiar fashion. Some celebrities, diverse tastes, already look their Jersey animal. Taylor Swift, romantic girl where to have them, and sometimes the soserio Queen, was seen a few months ago with a knitted sweater with a great panda as the protagonist. But it was not the only one, would you like to see more? Go ahead!

At the Sisters Olsen We can define them for marking and personal style sometimes bordering on bad taste. Mary-Kate is that like the skins, in this case but left them at home and they put this jersey with drawn foxes. The pledge itself not dislike, but she takes it with an I don’t know what makes it horrible. A pity!

Within our reach

I recognize that it is a difficult to look fashionable and risky, but I’m that says that you must be given an opportunity, as gracefully and with appropriate clothes a chic, fun and casual outfit can stay. In Topshop We can find some items with Canine air: This Doverman can be your best watchdog.

But if you don’t like this so aggressively race we find this Dalmatian. Which of the two do you prefer?

And if you feel like ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, this other model with a large rabbit is your model. Sign it Urban Outfitters and I think most.