Everyday Saver: Invisibobble Or: Hair Heroes In Pink

Sometimes there are teeny-tiny things that make the world a little bit better and sometimes it needs to be force to his happiness. A sleepover after a dancing party night with a friend led to shaggy hair the next morning: “you’re a hair tie?” I asked her and she squeezed me a pale pink transparent, gezwirbeltes in plastic Ribbon in your hand. “Urgh, how UH manners” I pulled up the nose. Reminds me somehow of this fleece hair ties from the 00ern or on bra’s with “transparent” rubber straps. Then I looked down but to me, kopfabwarts to the rest of the connection and decided – “it’s Sunday, who cares?” Immediately deployed the rubber equal times its entire magic.

Know the girl who has long been the Invisibobble, I need to tell you anything more, who know what’s going here. So much in advance: He found me and since then we are inseparable friends – and why? Therefore:

not buckles: it can forget about unsightly dents in the hair on the back of the head with the new hair rubber BFF of the hour – no matter how long the above lingers as a Palm tree or node in the frise. Metalllose zone: here the hair is not damaged due to annoying shutter parts – YEAH! Consistent hygienic, water-repellent resin. Finally I no longer need to use my tights of DIYs stays in shape: the Bobble is Maxi-tastic stretchable and fits therefore to each braid -, if you invested in the original, but always in its original form comes back and does not wear out. Makes the most beautiful braid form: so far I got and it rarely get the perfect fit at the back with the best swing of the pony – he’s here, the Bobble, schaffts loose easy. No headache: Pressure distribution attracts the Fash individual hair or the scalp. A hopeless. Breast cancer help: the best for the end – with the breast cancer Edition in pink, so how I wear it here, Invisibobble supports one of the world’s largest breast cancer research organizations, breast cancer now, to find more ways of prevention, to improve the important early detection and to open up new treatment options for all types of breast cancer.

So love on the second look and thumbs up for the small, patterned top part. Which is actually not so ugly. Remains one last question – you say that or the scrunchy?