Fashion Style: This Exhibition Shows The Costumes of Attendees of Flight More Spectacular The Past 85 Years

by | June 8, 2017

Sometimes, we find fashion in its purest form in the most unexpected places. The Museum of San Francisco (SFO Museum) airport is a good example of this, with the last exhibition that has opened, and showing the evolution in the costumes of the flight attendants from the thirties of the past to the present century. Fashion in Flight: A History of Airline Uniform Design (fashion in flight: history of the design of the uniforms of airlines) offers the possibility to see costumes and pictures of designers such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Oleg Cassini, Emilio Pucci, or Vivienne Westwood, as well as the evolution of fashion and trends.

First costumes displayed date back to the 1930s and have the curiosity of a layer. They were designed for Boeing Air Transport (the current United Airlines), inspired by military nurses costumes.

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In the 1940s, American Airlines have already begun to worry about the design of costumes of their stewardesses, so TWA commissioned the project from this new uniformity to Howard Greer, famous designer of Hollywood of the era, in 1944.

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Oleg Cassini, Jacqueline Kennedy header Designer, He was chosen to design the costumes also the Twa in 1955. He created a model of winter wool brown color, and which can be seen in the image, that was green.

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The 60 came in style. Some outfits took the psychedelic to levels that we did not imagine (as this Emilio Pucci 1966), while others represented the style that today we identified with that decade in a single glance, like this Lovely dress from Gilda costume designer Jean Louis:

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The miniskirt was consolidated in the 1970s and prints filled the planes of colour and fashion, as in these costumes that attendees of Continental Airlines from 1970 to 1973 wore:

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Many of the world’s most renowned designers they have designed collections for different airlines, in addition to those already mentioned: Balenciaga for Air France in 1969, Trans World Airlines in 1971 for Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent for Qantas in 1986 and Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic Airways in 2014.