Fergie Is Points to The Fringes, and You?

by | April 3, 2017

The fringe, that trend imposed seasons back flooding accessories, boots, and above all bags. Even though they have passed into the background there are some adept at this fashion, as the singer Fergie that has been captured with a grey jacket with sleeves with fringed, a good choice?

On the occasion of the election of Fergie by fringes, in Jezebel we show some garment with fringes as well as other adept looks to them like the singer Pixie Lott. Takes note of our choice of! garment with fringes!

The English singer Pixie Lott It is also a fan of the trend, but she instead of carrying the fringes on their sleeves, carries them in beige and the sides of a black dress in the recording of their music video.

Another way in which Pixie has led this trend has been to his neck, thus adorning a dress colors for one of his concerts.

Despite a decrease of fringe in the past years, this element is still present in items like bags. This is of Zara, color camel and suede. A simple bet for more than one occasion.

At Mango we found several options, such as this, which incidentally, also color camel.

Another option of Mango that includes in addition look: off-road bag of fringe jacket in Ecru color, beautiful pant leather brown back and borsalino we’ve seen on other occasions.

Tired of this fashion or are still using your garment with fringes?