Five Easy Ideas to Combine Jacket Kimono

by | May 3, 2017

Still not know if buy a jacket-inspired kimono for this season? Do not hesitate! This jacket is the perfect alternative to the blazers for this spring since its fabric has many more fall and tend to be very chilly nights of heat.

In Zara already released the model in black that is triumphing among many fashionistas from around the world, but there are more options: Top Shop has several types of kimono, in H & M because we could see a jacket of this type more affordable and at Asos … proposals are endless and in addition, teach us to combine it. Would you like to see it?

If only it had occurred to you combine your jacket kimono with monochromatic looks in black or white, Asos gives us some good ideas for this garment. The tank-tops are the safe bet, but what about combine it with a white shirt and denim shorts?

Kimono jacket can also look good with something more daring outfits. Do not just stick to jeans and colors like black and white. Here we see her with metallic skirt of Versus. Wonderful!

If you are a more casual style always you can appeal to the simple t-shirts with a message. Those t-shirts that usually have hidden in the closet and not marry well with blazers but whether with denim jackets or kimono jackets. A proposal very for the day.

And as always, there are options for the most daring. We are sure that you had not thought about mixing two disparate tendencies, but it seems that style sailor and the East can be joined with an interesting result. Do you like?

And youwhat you are going to combine your kimono jacket?