Football Fashion: Sara Carbonero and His Program Do Not Convince Networks

by | June 1, 2017

Yesterday was released the new program of Sara Carbonero “Quiero ser”, a show in which the bloggers Madame de Rosa and Dulceida, and the stylist Christ Banez they are trying to get that six boys and girls become “influencers”. People expected a fashion program, but it was soon manifest their disappointment to find a show that emphasizes the fights and jealousy among contestants in networks.

To start, Sara Carbonero It acts as presenter in the shade, without interacting with the contestants or with coaches, and appeared just five minutes throughout the programme.

Self-confidence, the word that never identifies you to Sara Carbonero.

— Moe from Triana (@moedetriana) July 19, 2016

The contestants also received their dose of criticism, not about words like “foodie” or “taboo” and his style dressing.

Someone tell the contestants of #QuieroSer1 that the turbans are very 2014 #denada

— DevilwearsZara (@Carmeron) July 19, 2016

I still don’t know because they compete in a program of fashionable people dressed in the C & A, girl. #QuieroSer1

— Holly (@HollyMollyYT) July 19, 2016

The full title of the program.

— QUEMADISIMA ٭ 19 July 2016 (@Abel_Kills)

Basically in the program coaches are putting tests the contestants, How to choose a stylist at a store, make up his rival, but also tasks most absurd how choose the dish more healthy between a salad or a Burger (and the winner is the second), run or dance with the hula hoop.

You and I know to demonstrate what we know about fashion, it’s best to dance the hulahop

— La Ratita presumed (@rpresumida) July 19, 2016

But ultimately, people complained because it seems that to like fashion you need to be frivolous and uneducated, confusing the term like fashion with the clothes you like.

There are no words for the pathos of #QuieroSer1 then you pretenderéis that to people we like “clothing” take us seriously

— Ana Lozano (@AnitaPatataFrit) July 19, 2016

It is a program with daily format, so today expect us more portion of the same.