Galliano Dismissed. Goodbye to The “Napoleon” Fashion

by | March 16, 2018

At Jezebel are making sure that we follow the minute all the relevant information to the “ case Galliano ”. And in this case there is a lament to inform you that John Galliano It has been dismissed the House Dior, confirmed fact makes few minutes by the signature. Its President, Sidney Toledano said.
I strongly condemn what he said John Galliano, which clearly contradicts the values that has always advocated Christian Dior
Seems to be the straw that has filled the patience of the firm has been the video that we showed you yesterday and has been described by the firm of “ particularly odious.

It is the news that we would have never wanted to give, as even less the video of their racist insults or his arrest. But sometimes fashion is not only a dream, the magic of illusion, art made with needle and thread. In fashion, as in life, sometimes the stories are more gruesome than the of any Oscar winning film.

Via | ABC

Photo | Hairflix