Good News for The Instagramers to Use Our Site, Google Will Join Them to Sell More

by | June 26, 2017

The tool Shop the look has evolved to the extent that internet has done. Fashion and shopping addicts have always wanted to know where to buy clothes that wore the famous or influencer that we followed every day, eager to see each new look of his. And now Google It has created a tool that will make everything easier through the RewardStyle platform our site. A way to monetize the searches of fashion that it will revolutionize everything, that will help us look for looks and that it will boost the affiliate programs.

It’s a step beyond searches for images or the Google Shopping. When you search for “cocktail dress”, for example, Google will offer you through Shop the look, the looks of the bloggers and influencers more followed by our site that they meet the description. Our site is a tool that used almost all to be able to buy clothes that perch on Instagram.

In this way, Google Surely steal traffic from Instagram and the influencers see increase your income to register as well in Google searches (which remains one of the most powerful tools on the internet). Even the negotiations of Google with RewardStyle they are in the early stages, but this can revolutionize shopping fashion we make, increasing the income of the main influencers.