‘I Want to Be’, The Program of Sara Carbonero, Outside Telecinco after Only Three Days

by | June 6, 2017

Telecinco has removed from your grill brand new program want to be, After two days in which audiences were not what I expected the chain of Mediaset. The talent show, which seeks to turn participants into influencers of fashion, with the help of Dulceida, Madame de Rosa and Christ BaNez, is not cancelled, but passes to the programming of Divinity, with the theme and audience considered responsible for the chain which would fit better.

I want to be is premiered on Tuesday, with a share of 9.9% (1.394.000 viewers) and quite a few criticisms on social networks. The audience fell Wednesday to 7.8% (1.087.000 viewers) and, although yesterday, Thursday, was still issued, for the week that comes already appears outside the grill of Telecinco and within the Divinity. Starting Monday, it will be issued from Monday to Friday at 21.00, just after butterfly net. In addition, it will be scheduled the expulsion of contestants Gala for Sunday.

One of the causes of the failure of the program seems to be precisely the little Sara Carbonero presence on screen. Approximately 60 minutes lasting program, the presenter just appears for five minutes. We will see, in the coming weeks, if the format is changed and if get the expected success on his new channel.