If Dream with Fashion Always, in These 15 Novels There Is Much to Discover and Enjoy

by | June 18, 2017

The summer is time for readings and, although we are already ending August, we are sure that we can still take a little while to catch us on the slopes… and to add a few more to the list. If some time ago we told you about the best books of non-fiction about the fashion world, today we bring you nine novels which are set precisely in that environment. Dresses, shops, Department stores, designers… novels of yesterday and today which, surely, we will spend a good time.

The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger

After the book and movie the Devil Wears Prada, the well-known story of Miranda Priestly and became Assistant Andrea Sachs suffered in Runway magazine a classic of literature and fashion. The ins and outs of fashion publications, priceless lessons from the Publisher (unforgettable moment “Cerulean blue”) or the hard struggle to climb to climb in the world make up a novel that we will not draw head to Anna Wintour in a season.

A girl Dior, Annie Goetzinger

A Dior girl is a graphic novel, an approach to the history of fashion in format comic book, which tells the story of the last ten years of the life of Christian Dior and the triumph of his great bet aesthetics: the new look. A work which shows the experience of the author in fashion illustration, because it makes us dream with dresses that hide their pages.

Glamorama, Bret Easton Ellis

If I want to closer to the dark side of fashion, Glamorama is an ideal choice. Through the misadventures of a model that is obsessed with the world of celebrities and their absurd connection with a terrorist group that uses fashion as a cover for their activities, we will find a satire about the obsession with beauty and celebrity, full of black and crude humor.

The secret war of Coco Chanel, Hal Vaughan

Coco Chanel is still, for many years pass, one of those icons that we always want to know more. In the secret war of Coco Chanel, Hal Vaughan brings us closer to one of the darkest times of his biography: his experiences in Paris during the nazi occupation and his (alleged) collaboration with the regime of Hitler as a spy or facilitator of contacts.

Blondes of 5th Avenue, Plum Sykes

Only to say that the original title of the novel is Bergdorf Blondes, it is not difficult to imagine that we are going to read about the environment of large most famous luxury stores in New York. In particular, groups of girls from the Upper East Side living, literally, to get the latest models of the designers more trendy… and look them in the right places, of course. A hilarious novel with some satire and humor.

After the catwalk, Candace Bushnell

The author of sex in New York us about in after the gateway to the world of the supermodels. Janey, the protagonist, gets to become a Victoria’s Secret model after a somewhat turbulent labor time. Once in stardom, It does not hesitate to use any method at their disposal to preserve what has achieved, from sex to a marriage of convenience, through betrayal, abuse of power… so much suffering firsthand as he inflicts on others.

The time between seams, Maria Dueñas

The time between seams is the blockbuster debut of Maria Dueñas. It chronicles the life of Sira Quiroga, who passes along the work be a humble seamstress in Madrid to lead a prestigious atelier in North Africa, that, in turn, just becoming a much less pleasant than fashion activities cover.

A passion for vintage, Isabel Wolff

Who has not dreamt with leaving her job, by very good that is, to devote himself to his true passion? Because that’s exactly what makes the protagonist of a vintage passion: riding a small shop of clothes and vintage accessories. Through some of the classic pieces which is finding, will discover that, behind the dresses, there is always a story to tell.

Dreams to measure, Núria Pradas

Dreams as is the history of Spain from the beginning of the 20th century, a turbulent time politically and socially. Around the Department store Santa Eulalia, Barcelona, are woven – pun – stories of love, jealousy and friendship, all with a common goal: convert to the company in respect of Haute Couture in Spain. In an environment of social inequality, the novel shows us the world of luxury and richness of the pre-war Spain.

Crazy for shopping, Sophie Kinsella

Crazy for shopping is a classic genre chick-lit. The story of Becky, a woman who loses his head (and savings) as soon as he heads a commercial Street, and his crazy plans to get out of economic ruin have taken her to shop at store impulsive decisions. All this, while gives financial advice in a publication and makes every effort to not fall in love. Crazy for shopping was made into a film in 2008.

The paradise of bridesmaids, Émile Zola

The birth of the concept of department stores It is the central theme moulding this novel by the father of literary naturalism. In the paradise of the ladies, we will see the difficult working conditions of the workers of this newly opened business concept, the love between different social classes or the techniques used at the time to promote consumerism among clients.

A shop in Paris, from Maxim Huerta

A shop in Paris is a story in two stages, in which we discover the best of Paris, through a narrative that will make us feel that we are at the foot of the Tower Eiffel, in the present, in the sweet 20 years. The discovery of the poster of a former Parisian store in an antiques shop in Madrid is the kick off to a story that moved us to the Paris of Coco Chanel and Haute Couture.

The dressmaker of la reina, Catherine Guennec

When we talk about fashion, whether in reality or fiction, the steps always end up taking US to Paris. If in the previous novel, we knew the current Paris and that of the years between the wars, in the dressmaker of the Queen we have the Paris of Marie-Antoinette, with the splendor and luxury of the prerevolutionary Versailles Court, through the vision of Rose, a poor seamstress who manages to climb to become the designer of María Antoinette and other Queens of Europe at the time.

Threads: fairy tales can come true, Sophia Bennett

Threads is one of those juvenile novels that, in reality, a reader of any age can enjoy. Through the narration of three teenage girls, we know the story of Crow, a young Ugandan who just manages to survive in London, but which possesses an innate talent for fashion. However, his life is not exactly fairy tale that talks about the subtitle, since he has left behind a country at war and a family in danger. Her three new friends will unite to help her, with fashion as a backdrop.

Meanwhile, in London, of Rebeca Rus

And we have just the recommendations with one of the novels of our colleague Rebeca Rus. In the meantime, in London, we meet Alex Mata, a young man of humble origins who dreams of being a designer and that a Carom of fate takes her to have the opportunity to try their luck at the Central Saint Martins in London. Clear that other Carom wants that your luggage is lost and see in London without… nothing. There they come into play Macarena, a Spanish socialite with contacts, and David, a millionaire supermodels specialist. Will it get Alex his dreams?




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