In The Mood For: Festive Sparkle & Applying The Right Fat

“What depends on my child’s doing in your hair?” – “It’s only my gold plated tiara” – will I sing my dear Grandma this year like counter table and Christmas goose. When in the year you can else without having to feel overdressed? And if the daylight maximum there can it hold only until 15:15, to go then fluent in the night, other items for the elucidation of the mind must hold. For centuries, it is therefore moral and only smart houses festive with lights, garlands, and lava lamps to the light to bring.

I want to are of course nothing the and bend the simple motto of this year (or annual?) Christmas time means something: more is more. All that glitters, throws flashing signals and reflects at best is attracted, applied, and applied. Yes, I am talking of gold, glitter, red, deep red, black red, grinding red tinsel red and I said… Goldrot? My Christmas outfit I long still not together though, for top is clear: we will see me appear even up to the North Pole. The fashion world this way satisfied nods his head and “good” writes a note in my year book – because both Prada and Chanel, Naeem Khan, Marc Jacobs and the whole cabal of the sumptuous glamour parade already on the shows on eyes, nails, hair, lips and clothes made and land right now on my blingblitz Christmas beauty look mood Board:

Hair inspiration

Gives even more inspiration’s here.


Gives more inspiration’s here.

Holiday paints

Gives more inspiration’s here.

In this sense, I wish you all a merry christmas anyway hopefully excessively overloaded