Inditex Is Sweeping: It Is The Number 1 in a Bag

by | June 12, 2017

Inditex continues to grow and their figures amaze us every day more. The Group of Amancio Ortega is already the number 1 in a bag, overcoming more than Banco Santander and Telef√≥nica. What’s more, bends to the first and is greater than the sum of both companies together. The textile company capitalized as 20 companies of the Ibex 35 and has been placed in the first position.

Inditex reaches 100,000 million euros, While the sum of Banco Santander, with 55,000 million euros of capitalization, and Telefónica, which is worth more than 44,000, not reach this figure. Impressive! And it is that Galician group has eight-fold neither more nor less than the value of its shares since it out to bag in 2001.

The multinational accumulates so amazing as more than numbers 7,000 stores in 91 countries y more than 152,000 employees. To this must be added that Zara, its main brand, stands among the most valuable in the world. In addition, surprises us with advances in next-generation as that closed on July 19 at the shareholders meeting: payment with mobile stores and opening of macrotiendas.