Johnny Depp Sent Directly The 7 Million Dollars That Agreed with Her Ex after Divorce with NGOs Chosen by It

by | June 17, 2017

The terms and provisions of divorce among celebrities always are very dream. A few days ago we learned that Johnny Depp y Amber Heard After having crossed serious accusations had become a reasonably amicable agreement pursuant to which, and so do not hold the trial, the actor agreed to pay the sum of $ 7 million, which it announced that you he will donate to his ex-wife.

Amber made a statement to the press ensuring that he intended to deliver € 3.1 million to the ACLU -an Association fighting for the rights of battered women-, and the rest to the Children’s Hospital of the Angeles where she works as a volunteer ten years.

Amber was even saying that this experience (of your divorce with Johnny Depp) would lead to a positive change in the life of the people who most needed it, and was without a doubt the most important quantity that had donated throughout his life, but that would not be the last

To avoid losing time and money were no of account account as false currency, Johnny Depp has decided to send himself two heels to each of the elected associations in the name of Amber Heard.

The representative of the actor made a statement saying that, in this way, Depp has done honoring the promise your ex to the last cent. A master coup which, however, the matrimonial lawyer for Amber has not taken to return (to see jeopardize their Commission) saying that, in this way, what the actor intended is deduct tax (whenever someone makes a donation to an NGO can deduct up to 15% of your total). So the issue is not yet resolved. It will continue to….