Lauren Conrad Knows That Shirts Tartan

by | November 8, 2017

If yesterday we saw how not wear the shirt tartan of the season, the hand of Mary-Kate Olsen, who argued for the oversized at the highest level, we have today the opposite side, a more fitted shirt, without being tight but just to draw the line.

Lauren Conrad It was among the first who hopped on the bandwagon of the fashion pictures This season, and as said my companion, Laia, would talk long and hard of it. The reasons are clear: participates in the teen series and not so teenage of the moment, The Hills, and behind it has a rather large fortune to live to your liking.

With funds from Cabinet that have the famous Hollywood, It is not uncommon to see a different style in them every day, but what is repeating itself every day, are the retro sunglasses huge that nobody removed from the face, proof of this is Katie Holmes.

On this occasion, the tartan shirt, Lauren Conrad takes her way sensual, with the first buttons unbuttoned and showing off cleavage, and a curious fact for the combination (if someone dares to imitate the famous us), must be set in the peep-toes very high and fine tip heel. Not suitable for any.

Very well aggregated shirt with the women coogi jeans, which proves the timelessness of this cowboy; but I just don’t see this shoe next to the shirt…